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    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Korea trip - 饮饮食食

    Back from Korea!
    Had a wonderful trip with hubby!
    The weather was cold and I am suffering from dry skin now...
    Itchy + rashes + flakes...

    Let the pictures do the talking!

    Daepohong Fish market

    The one in the pot, worms like thingy... yiaks


    @Wolmido Island
    Ice cream again

    Twister potatoes. Not crispy at all...

    Deep Fried Tapioca stick

    BBQ chicken, the BBQ sauce is nice.


    Another type of sausages, I think Korean like sausages, found different types of sausages in Korea especially in roadside stalls

    Incheon China town
    Siew phiang - black sesame

    Night life...

    Hite - Taste like Heineken

    Tidbits - FOC and refillable

    Ordered Fried chicken as snack but they served the whole chicken @_@

    Antique street ~ Insadong
    Sausage again!

    Some can drinks that I have not seen in Malaysia

    Sweet and juicy strawberries!

    Ice cream @ mount Sorak
    Taste like Solero shot ice cream

    Eating ice cream @ 0 Celsius.... Syiok!
    Rainbow flavour

    Nami Island - Where the Winter Sonata drama was filmed

    Supper in the hotel room (We had our dinner at 4pm Malaysia time everyday)

    1,000 won (around RM3)

    Udon noodle! NICE...

    Lunches and Dinner in Korea will be posted too!
    More Korea trips posts to come!
    Stay tuned!

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    My wedding part I

    Special thanks to Ivy Tan and Darren Lim.

    Thank you Telly, LT, Chloe and the rest who attended the morning session.

    Thank you to all of you who attended the dinner.

    Photos time! These are only part of the photos... More to come! Stay tunned!