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    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    CNY - Sienz ???

    What do u do during CNY?
    Visit relatives' house? Visit friend's house? Go out with friends?
    My CNY == stay at home and visit blogs...

    I am so lazy, just feel like staying at home. Wake up at noon, eat, watch TV, surf net, take nap... these are what i do before DEAR finish work, it sounds like a pig's routine right? I only get to go out at night, oppps, suppose to be midnight, after DEAR finishes his work.

    Taking parents out for lunch later. Yum cha with Edward tonight if he does not ffk.
    Today is already "chor sei", I must go somewhere before I go back to SG.

    Monday night, I wish I can stay for "bai tin gong", but I am heading back to SG on Sunday night. This year is the third year I spend my "chor batt" night in SG. I wish next year I can spend my "chor batt" night in Malaysia for "Bai tin gong"...

    kkk, signing off now, mama says she is hungry. Need to get ready and take them out for lunch now.

    Monday, January 26, 2009

    Family Reunion Lunch @ 2009

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Wishing all of you to have a great OX year!
    Had a great family reunion lunch yesterday afternoon. Mom prepared lots of dishes - chicken, duck, roasted pork, abalone soup, veggies... Dear did not join us for reunion lunch this year because he needed to work. He dropped by to send hamper only, and headed to work after that.
    CNY - Eat , eat and eat only. I did not drink any plain water yesterday. I drink soft drinks, pineapple juice and chinese tea only. With all the nice beverages, i totally forgot about plain water! I know this is very bad, but I will try to remind myself to drink more plain water.
    I also had reunion dinner with my dear. He reached home around 11.30pm yesterday, 30minutes before "chor yat". We had steamboat, auntie prepares steamboat every year for reunion dinner. I love the soup that she prepares. Taste 'sweet'.
    After dinner, it was Ang Paos time!!! No, we did not give, but we got ang paos from his parents. lol
    Wishing all of u Happy Chinese New Year!
    May all your dreams come true!

    Friday, January 23, 2009

    Bugis again...

    Choy Shen Yeh @ Bugis

    I found it cute...

    Chi Phiang


    Chloe wanted to buy Chi Phiang, so we went to Fu Lo Shou Complex near Bugis. Found the Chi Phiang in one of those 'Hoi mei' shop. Saw all kinds of dried things like sea cucumber, dried abalones, all types of nuts, sour plums, sweets, herbal....... But she bought 500 grams of Chi Phiang only. And I did not buy anything since mama said she has already bought a lot. OK, 'han fan'. After that we walked to BHG. I was thinking of getting a new shirt for my dear, but then none of them attracted me, so I decided to buy it in Malaysia - Cheaper. Then we went to have Kimchi Ramen for dinner.

    Catching a 8pm bus tonight. Yeah! Josephine is heading back to KL tonight. Can wait to see her boy boy, and her beloved family members. For those who are traveling back to home town, have a safe trip ya...

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    2 more days to go...

    Lost weight... But sure will put on weight during CNY...
    Look thin in this photo rite? Did not photoshop this photo, in fact I don't have Photoshop installed in my computer.

    Counting days... 6,5,4,3,2
    2 more days to go before I balik kampung!

    I am already in holiday mood. Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni... Just can't stop thinking about celebrating CNY in KL. Can't stop thinking that I am going to have 2 Reunion Dinners! One in my house, another in my dear's house... I want to go to the temple. I want to welcome the God of Wealth. I want to eat Bak Kua, mandarin oranges, biscuits, Nian Gao, Peanuts.......

    CNY checklist:-
    • New clothes - Bought quite a lot this year
    • New shoes - mom bought me a pair of sport shoes, i think i need to get a pair flats or heels
    • New Hair style - Too stingy to do rebonding. But my dear ordered Philips Hair curler + Straightener for me... Yeah!
    • Ang pao - Don't expect ang paos from me, I am not married! But I am expecting ang paos from those who are married.
    • Reunion Dinner - Hmmm, considered gao tim. Already bought Abalone, 'cong xiong dim'?
    • Gathering - I will be lonely, family members going for a short trip. My dear will be working. Maybe I should follow my family for the short trip... For those who are free, find me yum cha ok?
    • House hopping - Not going to do that lah. Feel shame. It is like begging ppl for ang paos...
    • Food - Ya, going to eat non-stop! For sure will gain at least 2 kgs...
    Haiyah, Gam fei after CNY only! I am going to enjoy myself during this coming CNY! 9 days OFF! YEAH!

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    My new Ez-Link Card...

    My old special edition Ez-Link Card

    My new Ez-Link Card. Why can't I have the Pink one instead of this donno green or blue color

    This Ez-Link card is something like Touch and Go card that we use in Malaysia. It is a stored value ticket for use on the MRT, LRT and the buses. Other than that, this card can be used in some restaurants like Mc D, Subway, Sakae Sushi, Old Chang Kee..... Good rite? Cashless... If we have this system in Malaysia, do u think it helps to cut down the snatch cases?

    I replaced my Ez-link last week as they are having free replacement exercise. But they are only giving out BLUE cards in the bus interchange near my house. I saw some of the people using Pink cards. Why can't they give Blue card to male and Pink card to female? Or why can't they let us choose the color that we prefer? I want the Pink one... Or shall I pay $15 to buy a Pink Card? NOooooo..... Stingy Josephine does not simply spend money... I need only one card.

    Note: Anyone got the Pink one? Wanna exchange? :P

    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Wonderful weekend...

    Thanks dear for giving me a wonderful weekend. Going out with dear on Saturday afternoon is something considered very special to us. Why? You guys are not going to believe that we never go 'pak toh' on Saturday afternoon after being together for years. Normally I will either spend my Saturdays staying at home or go out with friends. But, yesterday afternoon I received his call, he asked me to get ready, he will be picking me up in 30 minutes time. I was so excited after answering his call, I stopped whatever I was doing (yes, I was working from home on Saturday!), headed to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Dear picked me up and then we went to settle his personal matters first, somewhere near my house. Some documents need to be signed by him, that's why he has to come all the way from Shah Alam to KL to sign those documents, and because of that, we had a chance to meet up on Saturday afternoon for lunch. Although it was only 2 hours, but still I felt very happy.

    At night, after he finished work, it was already past 12.30 am. We went to Cineplex and bought 2 tickets for IP MAN. While waiting for the show to begin, we went for drinks. Before this we normally go mamak or sing K on Saturday night, we thought most of the cinemas will be closed by the time he finish work. We never knew that Cineplex open till 2.30am on weekends and because of that we go to the cinema 2-3 times yearly nia. When I reached home it was already 4.30am, but I still not feeling sleepy, continued playing my PSP until 5.30am.

    Woke up around 11am this morning, had lunch with dear. He has now gone to work again, and I am packing up, getting ready to go back to SG tonight. arghhh... I don' t feel like going back to SG, I want to stay in KL. Nvm, I am coming back to KL for 9 days during CNY. 5 more days to go only... Just 5 more days... Be patient!

    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    New Moon Abalone......


    Stingy Josephine bought Abalone for the very first time! Hopefully it wont be the last time...
    Bought 2 cans of New Moon abalone for reunion dinner. Lily, Kyanne, and Vicky, fai fai toh jeh tai kah jeh lah...
    Please do not ask the price... I am 'heart-paining' now...

    Number 1 in Singapore wor... Can someone tell me which brand is number one in Malaysia? Hopefully will get that for next year, if I 'seh dak' lah...

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Proximidade award

    Thank you Kellaw very much for passing this Proximidade award to me.

    The message attached with this award:

    This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

    OK. Time to pass this award to the next lucky 8 bloggers:-

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    CNY products @ Cow, Car, Water (牛车水) a.k.a. Chinatown

    Lap Cheong...
    A big "Product of Malaysia" sign is being displayed in this stall. Meaning? Singaporeans do not trust China products anymore...

    Kat Zai...

    Handmade Decorative - Made from Ang Pao

    Another handmade lantern. They also sell the 'mini pineapple' separately. $2 per one 'mini pineapple'

    I forgot what is this. They are either Nuts or some fish.... from Taiwan

    I love this. Jelly from Taiwan, they taste like Japanese Konniyaku Jelly.
    Kinda expensive. $15 per box if I am not mistaken. Last year I bought 3 boxes for $10 - on second last day, because they want to clear the stock ma... Told u guys, don't buy now, wait till last minute...

    I think this one is cheap. 5 for $6 bottles only.

    Neh~ This is the 'Chee Sin' expensive Gua zi that I said in the previous post. 500 Grams $6...

    Anyone know the price of a can of New Moon Abalone in Malaysia? Please inform me if you do, thanks... I need to get it from SG if it is cheaper in SG.

    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Chinese New Year Light Up @ Chinatown

    Jalan Jalan in Chinatown with Chloe again last Thursday. Went there because we heard that there are 600 stalls selling CNY products. Being cheated d. Where got 600 stalls? At most mar 200 stalls only. And the things that they sell are very expensive. SGD$6.00 per 500 grams of 'Gua ci' (Sun Flower seeds), crazy!
    The main purpose we went there is to check the prices out. This coming CNY going to be my third CNY in SG. For the past two years, the prices dropped like crazy 2-3 days before the first day of Chinese new year. Taiwan 'Mua chi' price at SGD$1.80 per 100 grams at first, ended up you only need to pay SGD$3.00, then the seller will give you one plastic bag, just fill the plastic bag up with the "mua chi" on your own!!! You can grab as many as you want, as long as they can be fitted into the plastic bag. I won't buy anything there now, will wait till last minute. lol What to do, 'Giam Siap" ma...

    Some photos here...

    Choy Sen Dou!

    Dook Dook Cheang!

    At the end of Pagoda Street, not sure the name of the street, North Bridge Road if I am not mistaken

    Along Eu Thong Seng Rd

    Sorry for the bad quality of this photo...

    Mr. Cows...

    Happy Family??????

    More photos of CNY products in the next post!

    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    My First Nuffnang Cheque......

    After months of blogging, at last I got my first cheque from Nuffnang! Although the amount is not much, but something is better than nothing...
    I have cashed out my earnings from Nuffnang website on 12 Nov. After nearly 2 months of waiting. I received the cheque at last! And HSBC sent me the payment advice on Monday to my email.

    I received this letter from HSBC on Friday...

    Jeng Jeng!
    My first cheque from Nuffnang...

    Thank you Nuffnang. I would like to thank all Josephine's Heaven's readers as well especially those who supported me by clicking the ads...

    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    The Art Of Tea Tasting

    No, my dear and I are not PRO in Chinese tea. But, he does has a collection of Tea leaves. I know how to drink only. lol
    We used to have Tea Tasting Sessions when we are free. I miss those Tea Tasting sessions!
    Dear ar, when can we have the next Tea Tasting session?

    OK, briefly show you guys how we prepare the tea. We might have left out some of the steps, as I mentioned, we are not PRO, we are learners.

    Clean all 'utensils' - preferably with hot water

    Put some tea leaves into the tea pot, and pour boiling water over the tea leaves

    Pour the tea out almost immediately - the main purpose of doing this is to clean the tea leaves without 'washing' away it's taste

    Use the 'first round' tea to clean all the 'utensils' again

    Pour boiling water over the tea leaves again (second round).

    Wait for one minute before pouring out the 'second round' tea from the tea pot to the 'tea leaves filter'.

    Remove the 'tea filter' from the tea jug

    Pour the tea into tea cups

    Ready to serve....

    p/s: Hope you enjoyed the 'mini tutorial' on Chinese tea preparation...

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    Am I busy?

    Introducing my Working Desk...

    When I just joined, clean table with a lot of phones...

    3 months later...
    From 1 computer become 2 computers, but lesser phones now.
    And with a lot of Documents!!!

    end of post... Very busy.

    Sunday, January 4, 2009

    Cousin's Wedding @ Palace Group

    Friends and relatives are getting married one after another. Lots of them already taken their Pre-Wedding shoots, booked Hotels or restaurants for the dinner, most importantly their wedding dates have been set. I wonder where and when my wedding ceremony will be held.

    Attended Khean Hoe's wedding dinner with my family members yesterday. It was such a nice scene seeing all relatives are eating and 'yum seng' together. Handsome groom and beautiful bride, Hoe and Yen, wish both of you a great happiness of life and living happily ever after.

    Palace Group Restaurant @ PJ

    Shark Fin soup - served individually

    My favorite - Dried Scallops

    My drink - Don't worry, I was not the driver...

    Me and Mama before going to the dinner

    The groom Hoe, bride Yen, sis Kyanne, cousin sister Ming Yee, and I

    Me and my 2 sisters

    I love this photo. Yum~~~~~ Seng~~~~~

    Auntie Joanne, me, and Ming Yee

    With my cousin, ZiYan

    Happy Family... err... Fei poh leh? lol