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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008


    My friend's house got broken into on 30th September (Kepong, Sri Sinar area). Her brother's laptop got stolen.
    If you found anyone trying to re-sell this laptop, kindly contact

    Hua Loon @ 012-9148285, 012-3225100 or 016-2011362

    White Colour Laptop
    Toshiba Satellite A100-P543
    Intel Centrino Duo Core 1.66 Ghz
    512MB DDR2 Ram 80 GB HDD
    DVD-RW Dual Layer Drive
    ATI Radeon X1300 With 256 MB Vram
    Laptop Item Code:
    Preloaded with Windows XP Home Edition
    S/N: 66126941Q


    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Kuala Selangor one day trip with family...

    Yes, I am having one week holiday for Raya. Went to Kuala Selangor with my dearest family members for a day trip. We started our journey around 2.30pm. Reached the fishery around 4.00pm. The weather was really hot and the place smell 'bad' too. We waited for fishing boats to come back from the sea to pass fishes to the fishery, so that we can buy 'fresh' fishes. Bought a lot of Ikan Kembong, Ma Yau, a bit of prawns, and 2 crabs. After that, we went to Pasir Penambang to buy some local products like salted fish, anchovies, scallops, prawns crackers, biscuits and fish cakes. We had dinner in one of the restaurant in Pasir Penambang before heading to the Firefly Park Resort.
    Reached Firefly Park around 9.00pm. Not crowded. Bought our tickets, RM12.00 per ticket, very expensive. They must be making a lot of money. What they need are some boats, and safety jackets. No lights needed! But, all of us enjoy the Firefly trip very much! There are millions of fireflies flashing in synchrony, just like Christmas trees! But the place was too dark, I was a bit scared. Heard that there are crocodiles there. And we saw a lot of floating branches, since it was so dark, I thought they are crocodiles! Scary scary! Luckily we brought Insect Repellent spray, there were a lot of mosquitoes there. It was a 30 minutes boat ride. After visiting the Firefly Park, we headed back to KL. Although it was a tiring trip, but I was very happy. I enjoyed every moments that I spent together with my family members!

    Fishing boat

    Kids playing "Guli". It reminded me about my childhood.

    Fishes at fishery

    'Sa bak' (lala) @ fishery

    Fisherman sorting out fishes

    The fishery owner chopping fish into slices before sending it to seafood restaurant

    This fishing boat just came back from the sea

    Bird looking for food

    Fishermen sorting out those caught fishes before sending them to the fishery

    Weighting fishes ...

    Tying up the crab

    Kuala Selengor's Local products... mainly prawns crackers, anchovies, salted fish, biscuits.......

    Me with my sisters

    Firefly park Boat Ticket

    Me and my sisters again in front of Firefly park resort

    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Famous Frog Porridge in Chinatown

    Had dinner with Chloe last week in Chinatown. We went to the best Frog Porridge place, Chang Chen restaurant.

    Shark fin soup - SG$1.00 per bowl only, I did not see any shark fin inside lor, not even those vegetarian one.

    Claypot frog with dried Chili (kong po tin kai) - SG$8.00
    Ichiban! Very very nice leh....

    Claypot fish with dried Chili (kong po yee pien) - SG$8.00
    This one also nice, but I prefer the frog one.

    White porridge - SG$0.60 per bowl

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Steamboat @ home...

    Had steamboat at home last Saturday. Mom prepared clear soup (soya bean base, not soya milk), very nice...


    Fish balls

    Home made chili, blended by me

    Raita (indian's salad), prepared by me too...

    Ga Liew... bought by auntie

    Chee yoke yuen (pork balls)


    Another type of chee yoke yuen

    Baby corns

    Yong fu zuk


    Yau mak zai




    There are more things like black fungus, pork meat, chicken meat, bee hoon, noodles.... but I did not take photo because they do not look nice in photos....

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    How high can you build your Pizza Hut's salad 'tower'?

    Jeng Jeng Jeng...

    I am a salad lover. Whenever I go to Pizza Hut, I will order salad without fail. But the salad bowls that they provide are kinda 'small' and 'shallow'. This was my salad 'tower'. Anyone has a better way of 'building' a higher salad tower? Please share it with me here..... so that next time I can build a higher one......

    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Chin Wah's birthday celebration...

    Cheeze Choc from Secret Recipe (the wordings are ugly, I can write better)

    Me & Chin Wah

    Me & John

    Celebrated Chin Wah's belated birthday on Saturday with John, Cath, and Arthur at Old Taste Kopitiam in SS2. We did not meet for quite sometime, so we talked a lot....... till I lost my voice now. :( Cannot sing K d.

    Chin Wah: Happy belated birthday! May all your dreams come true.

    John: Thank you for being my driver. Have a safe South trip! Drive safely!!!

    All single gals out there: Chin Wah and John are still single and available! lol

    Friday, September 19, 2008

    Lipton Jasmine Tea

    Lipton Jasmine Tea

    I love jasmine tea (Heong Pin in Cantonese or Xiang Pian in Mandarin). I like the Jasmine fragrant of it. My Indian colleague always says:"I don't understand how you Chinese people can drink Jasmine Tea, we Indian ladies only wear Jasmine flower in their hair, we don't drink"

    Jasmine Tea benefits:
    • lowering blood pressure and cholesterol level
    • regulating aging
    • reducing stress, preventing certain cancers
    • strengthening the immune system
    I believe that tea can REDUCE FAT, which means it can make me slimmer. lol
    But do not take too much! 3 years ago, I wanted to lose weight, I replace plain water with green tea. Result? I got stomach became acidic!!!
    Whenever I am feeling very full, or after I take 'fatty' or oily food, I will definitely drink a cup of Jasmine Tea. Try it!

    Thursday, September 18, 2008


    I bought at least 5-6 'big' mooncakes back to Malaysia last week. They are special. I'd never seen them in Malaysia before. Bought Meat mooncake (SG$4 each), teo chew mooncake (SG$9 each), and also sesame mooncake (SG$3.50 each). And guess what? Yesterday I accompanied Chloe to get some mooncakes, the price has gone down more than 50%!!! So, I bought another 'big' teo chew mooncake, SG$4.00, and I bought 2 more sesame mooncakes, SG$1.00 each only!!!

    *Updated* Sesame Mooncake photo....

    Meat Mooncake (pork), never seen this before in Malaysia, but there is a sticker on the packaging saying that this is a "product of Malaysia".

    Teo chew Mooncake (super big), it is different from what we can get in the famous Teo Chew Restaurant in Setapak.

    The filling...

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Not feeling well...

    Blame the Durian Mooncake. I fall sick on that night itself after taking it. Blame myself too, I did not drink enough water after taking it. The Durian Mooncake was too sweet & 'heaty' too.

    Visited the clinic near my office yesterday, Furama Clinic and Surgery. The consultation was less than 2 minutes, very short rite? Maybe sore throat + cough + phlegm + dizzy are not consider 'sick'. Although I was not having fever at that time, but I felt my body was very 'hot' inside. The cough syrup made me drowsy, I fall asleep within 30 minutes after taking it. The super big tablets are antibiotic (I was quite happy to see that I am getting antibiotic as doctors seldom give them nowadays). The small orange pills are for inflammation and swelling. The Lozenges taste like Strepsils.

    This few days I need to take breakfast, lunch and dinner as all the medicine can only be taken after food. No more skipping meals for me at least for one week. :(

    Oh ya. Happy Birthday, CCW.
    May all your dreams comes true.
    Big big boy d. Sang Sang Seng Seng la...

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Happy Birthday MOK

    Once a year I get this chance
    To wish you Happy Birthday
    It pleases me no end to say,
    I wish you another great year.
    So happy birthday to you MOK,
    From the bottom of my heart.
    And may your good times multiply,
    And many happy returns.

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Steamboat @ Bugis

    'Ma Lat' steamboat @ Bugis

    We ordered clear herbal soup and Ma Lat soup (medium spicy).
    Upon ordering they will ask you whether you want 'small' spicy, 'medium' spicy or 'big' spicy.

    I like this clear soup. Very 'sweet' and nice.

    We ordered 'medium' spicy, as you can see, half of the Ma Lat soup is covered by Dried Cili Padi.

    Operating Hours: 11.00a.m - 5 a.m
    Price : SG$18 per head

    Drinks provided: Water chestnut drink and Lime juice (but they do sell can drinks and beer too)
    Soup base : Tomyam, Ma Lat, and Herbal clear soup

    Most of the time, you have to queue up in front of the restaurant in order to get a table, that day Chloe and I waited approximately 30 minutes. We ate from 6.30 p.m to 9.00 p.m. lol

    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Friday !!!

    NTTB! No Time To Blog!
    Heading back to KL soon...

    Aiyoh, need to go back to the conference room for discussions.
    Just a short update during meeting break time.

    Happy weekend!

    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Pulau Ubin Part 3

    Coastal Boardwalk
    This coastal boardwalk allows you to observe the various habitats found along the shore without getting wet, but I did not spot anything there probably because we reached there during high tide.

    Mangrove Boardwalk
    This Mangrove Boardwalk takes you into the mangroves, starting from the seaward side and then looping into back mangroves.

    I dare not to walk on the grille.

    Wah... Scary...

    View from Mangroves Boardwalk


    Resting @ shelter

    Mangroves - The roots will be fully covered by water during hide tide.

    Jejawi Tower

    If you want to enjoy the view of Chek Jawa, climb up to this Jejawi Tower. But the max load is 20 person only. I felt the Tower was actually shaking, so scary!!

    Found this on top of the tower. They should have put this below the tower.

    Josephine @ Jejawi Tower

    View from Jejawi Tower

    I donno the name of this habitat - 4 leg fish?

    On the way back to Jalan Ubin, typical Singlish...