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    Thursday, September 4, 2008


    From left: Power Essential
    Skin Refiner Light, Balancing

    Emulsion 2,
    Water Bank
    Water Bank
    Cream 2

    Thanks to ifeel. I won this 4 pcs starter kit from Laneige. I collected them from Jusco, Mid Valley's Laneige's counter. The promoter was friendly and helpful. Unlike promoters from other products who will try to persuade you to buy their products. In fact, this Laneige's promoter asked me for my name (for validation used), then examined my skin, and gave me a set of skincare that suite my skin type. She did not ask much questions, but only explained to me about the steps for using the products.


    Pete said...

    Heh heh, this one no comment lar! LOL

    JASON said...

    secret to ur beauty

    MisSmall said...

    Freebies! You lucky gal! :D

    And yes, I hate those pushy promoters. And you know who's worse? Those aunties from lingerie department! Ugh!

    Calvin Soo KJ said...

    hiya j, 1st time here. got it from pete's. like pete, cant comment much on girls stuff. my wife is a beautician, maybe you both can hook up and chat.

    talking bout promoters, i had an argument/open discussion with a shampoo promoter cause she kept insisting her brand is better than the other. i was so pissed i asked her to fly kite. luckily she didnt understand, otherwise i'll end up having scratches on my cheers

    Josephine said...

    Calvin, thanks for dropping by!
    Sorry ya, mind to explain what is "fly kite"? I also donno leh. Pai Seh!

    Emily Lin said...

    How's the Laneige? I'd tried their whitening essence, whitening eye gel and mask; I got some allergies when using some of them. But nonetheless, the hydration of their products is superb, and you should try out the whitening eye gel (quite effective), though I see no reason of you using it ;) Btw, go fly a kite means stop being annoyance. =)

    p/s: First time here and dropping by to say hi =)