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    Monday, September 1, 2008

    Genting trip with family

    Went for a 2 days 1 night Genting trip with my family members.. I did not spent time with my family members like this for quiet some time already, I can't even recall when was the last time. Overall, we enjoyed the trip.

    Junk food! We brought all this to Genting! lol

    First stop. Flying Coaster!
    RM12.00 only for two person. (I used Jusco's coupon)

    After 2 round of Flying Coaster. Still managed to smile in front of the camera. Why 2 rounds? The staff forgot to 'unlock' us, then we have to ride one more round. So, RM12.00 for 2 person, 2 round each! hahaha!

    After the ride. We walked to First World, shopping time. Bought few shirts for my sis.
    While waiting for my sis to choose her shirt, this shoe caught my eyes.

    Will you buy?

    Bought these birthday mouse. One for me, one for my sis.

    After shopping
    Baskin Robins time...

    At night, we wanted to watch movie, but then all the tickets are sold out. So, we walk around, and papa explained us the OLD Genting - like where was the first Casino, which was the first Hotel in Genting... I enjoyed the session a lot.

    The next day...
    Saw this accident, when we walked to get our car
    Don't simply park your car at the roadside. This is what happen...

    After get our car, we headed to Batang Kali to have lunch (thru Gohtong Jaya).
    Claypot Tofu.

    Fried Prawns with salted egg

    Sizzling platez fish


    Five of us. Ordered 4 dishes. RM72.00. Not too expensive huh? (prawns, tofu, veggie, and fish)
    Nice... Yummy!


    JASON said...

    nice food, reasonable price too. genting is nice to drive

    MisSmall said...

    Lol. Look how much junk food you brought!

    cc said...

    I wonder what's the significant of that shoe.

    John Mathew said...

    haha beeling your posts always makes me hungry.

    Pete said...

    wow,that is a lot of junk food you bought!