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    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Chin Wah's birthday celebration...

    Cheeze Choc from Secret Recipe (the wordings are ugly, I can write better)

    Me & Chin Wah

    Me & John

    Celebrated Chin Wah's belated birthday on Saturday with John, Cath, and Arthur at Old Taste Kopitiam in SS2. We did not meet for quite sometime, so we talked a lot....... till I lost my voice now. :( Cannot sing K d.

    Chin Wah: Happy belated birthday! May all your dreams come true.

    John: Thank you for being my driver. Have a safe South trip! Drive safely!!!

    All single gals out there: Chin Wah and John are still single and available! lol


    John Mathew said...

    now i'm embarrased

    Calvin Soo KJ said...

    happy bday chin wah...whoever you are...hhehehe. ya, the writings on the cake sux. my youngest niece could've done much better. but im sure it should taste nice.

    cc said...

    I hope the cake taste better than its look!

    FAMILY FIRST said...

    Wah! That was indeed a good tip lah! Free dating advertisement! Hahahaha.

    Edward said...

    Wah, looks fun. Wish Chin Wah happy belated birthday for me.

    Words looks ugly nvm, most important is the taste. :D

    MisSmall said...

    I just bought a birthday cake from Secret Recipe the other day too. The wordings were so ugly that I don't think I'll bother with it next time. :/

    Josephine said...

    Should feel proud

    Ya. We enjoyed the cake.

    Yes. But it will taste better when it is really "chilled"

    family first:
    hmmm, they should buy me drink then.

    OK. I will inform him

    Next time ask them for a Happy Birthday stand.