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    Wednesday, August 8, 2007

    National Day

    Yeah! At last! I am going back to Kuala Lumpur. The 9th of August is Singapore National day. So, I am going to spend my long weekend in my "Kampung".
    I miss my family and friends, i miss "asam laksa", i miss chicken rice......
    What am I going to do during the break? Shopping time! Will go shopping with my friends, will be having dinner with my old friends, will cook for my family......
    Wait for me, I am coming back!

    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    Nasi Lemak

    This is my breakfast today. Yummy, yummy.... but it is a bit different from what I used to get in Malaysia. It does not come with cucumber or peanuts. But, they give one "small" fried fish, anchovies, sambal and a piece of fried egg which is as thin as a piece of a paper. The sambal is "packed" between two small cut banana leaves, so for those who does not take sambal, can remove it easily. $1.50 per packet, not bad huh? And it is really "filling".
    This nasi lemak is very sellable. We need to call one day in advance in order to ask the kopitiam uncle to reserve some for us.
    I am not a nasi lemak lover. But, why am I so tempted on it? Maybe it is because of its packaging. It is nicely packed with banana leaves. And it looks big too! Not like the Malaysia one which is packed using newspaper or low quality papers.
    Other than nasi lemak, they sell Kaya Toast ($0.80 per set), "chu cheong fun" ($1.00 each), and fried bee hoon ($1.00 each).
    This nasi lemak and "kopi siew dai" is the best combination breakfast. "Siew Dai" means less sweet. Friends, try this next time! Hope you will like it too!