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    Saturday, May 24, 2008

    First day of my leave...

    Saturday, shopping day! Yeah!
    Li Teng & I went to Mid Valley on Saturday morning. At first we plan to buy some shirts and shoes. But ended up spending most of the time before lunch on Baby's stuff (Li Teng is a mother of twins), so "hang fook" hor?
    Had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market, the food is quite nice, and the portion is quite big. We were really full.
    After lunch, we continued with our main purpose (shop for our own shoes and shirts). When i was trying on my shoes, i heard someone call my name. It was Karina! Karina and I used to study together last time. After graduated, she has gone back to her hometown (Indonesia) to help her family. The reason she is in Malaysia now is to attend a friend's wedding. The world is so small! Never thought of seeing her there.
    After Li Teng and I got what we wanted, we decided to go home, as she needs to pick up her babies. Arghh... not enough! We want to shop more! Never mind, we have another week!

    Small things from my DEAR...

    My favorite lollipop Wah! 7 "jai" ah!!!
    Flintstones photo frame

    As usual I am back to KL again on friday night. I will be in KL till 2nd June , wakaka! Received 8 nos of CJ7, 11 pcs of my favorite lollipops, and a flintstones photo frame from Dear yesterday night. Thanks dear! But, all those things are more suitable for small kids, hehehe. I still like them, most importantly at least you "yau sam". Thank you!

    Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Happie Happie ...

    I m feeling very happy today. Have you ever being asked to take your Annual leave by boss? I have 30 days of annual leave, but 25 days got forfeited last year because i did not take.
    This year, I am entitled to have 30 days too, I have taken only 4 days if I m not mistaken (I worked during Chinese new year, ok?). Balance now is 26 days.
    Around 3pm, bosses (CEO + Director) asked me to go into the CEO room, I thought what happen? Wanna fire me or what? Then they said: "Why not you take leave?". I said:" Can I?". HeHeHe... I was feeling really happy that time because they offer me to go on leave. Last time i used to have a hard time to apply leave (even for only 1 day). Hehehe... They allowed me to take more than one week. Happy happy leh! I must plan out something!
    A lots to do in KL. Makan, meet friends, manicure + pedicure + nail arts, threading, sing 'K', Shopping, facial, massage, and enjoy!!!
    Thanks BOSS!

    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    About my routine...

    It’s time to pay tax. I posted the cheque a day after I received my Notice of Assessment (I am a good Tax payer, huh?). I think I have to save more money this month by cutting down my shopping addiction. Argghhhh…. But, sales everywhere! And there are so many things in my wishlist.

    I am feeling really boring lately in Singapore.

    This is my routine:- (Monday to Thursday)

    8.00am – wake up, take shower, and get a bus to office

    9.30am – Reach office, start work

    1.00pm – Lunch

    7.15pm – Leave office

    8.30pm – Reach home, do laundry, take shower, and dinner

    9.30pm – online, read books/magazines, make “phone porridge”

    12.00am – ZZZzzzzz

    What about Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays???

    What I do? Of course going back to KL to meet my lovely family members and my loved one, sleep on my lovely bed, eat my mom’s home cook food (my mom can cook very well). I starve myself during weekdays and stuff myself during weekends! How to reduce my tummy in that case?

    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    Lunch in The Gardens

    Me & my "Kai Koh" Brian
    Me & my "Kai Sou" Tracy

    Had lunch with my "kai koh" and "kai sou". They are migrating soon! Wish them ALL THE BEST! Don't forget to come back more often as I will really miss you guys.
    After lunch, we went shopping! Wow, it seems like sales everywhere! Tempting leh! So many things are pending in my shopping list. Never mind, one more day to shop since I m going back to Singapore only on Monday. And The Great Singapore Sales is coming too. Hehehe....

    Asher The Cute baby

    Thanks to the new technology. Asher was watching Doraemon video thru my mobile. But he never forget to pose himself when he found out that i wanted to take his picture. So cute......

    Thursday, May 15, 2008


    Do I really need all these?

    Vitamin E
    - natural emulsifier of fatty substances in the body. (Am I that fat?)
    Vitamin B complex - help combat the symptoms and causes of stress, depression, and cardiovascular disease. (I need this as in they make me more awake, I used to feel sleepy easily during day time)
    Wheat grass - similar to green leafy vegetables.... (I think i eat enough veggies)

    Monday, May 12, 2008

    My healthy dinner

    Dang dang! This is my dinner. Ya, you are right, main dish - cabbage, side dish - green peas, and dessert - apple. Normally I have only the main dish, today considered "special" (because i want to clear all the "old" veggies that has been stored in the fridge almost for 1 week. Besides cabbage, sometimes I have bean curd, bean sprout, cauliflowers, or broccoli for the main dish, and an apple for dessert. An apple a day, keep doctors away! Healthy diet, huh?

    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Cath's B'day

    Happy belated birthday, Cath. May all your dreams come true. We really donno what to buy for you. So Chin Wah, John and I decided to get u a cake. Hope you like it.

    SG - KL

    A few of my friends asked me, why do i torture myself by going all the way to JB from Singapore to get the same Express bus to KL (Transnational)?
    Reason? Of course cheaper. Let me do the calculations here:-

    Option 1 (Get a Express Bus from Singapore to KL and i m referring to the cheapest fare that i can get in Singapore)
    1) From my working place take MRT to LAVENDER = around SG$1.10 (15-20 minutes)
    2) Walk from Lavender station to Lavender street = free (15 minutes walk)
    3) Transnational Express bus ticket from Singapore to KL = SG$25.00 (6 hours if no traffic jam)
    - Get down in Woodlands checkpoint
    - After get your passport stamped, hop into the same bus
    - Get down at Johor Checkpoint
    - After pass Johor Checkpoint, hop into the same bus again

    so, total? $1.10 + $25.00 = $26.10 only
    But, after convert means $26.10 x 2.30 = $60.03
    Total time = approximately 7 hours

    ps: Normally fridays evenings, after 5pm, Woodlands Checkpoint will be very crowded.

    Option 2 (Go all the way to Larkin Johor to get the same Transnational bus) - refer to the pictures

    1) From China Town MRT
    2) Change to East West Line in Outram Park Interchange

    3) Change to North South Line in Jurong East Interchange

    4) Get down at Kranji MRT (from ChinaTown to Kranji = $1.65)

    5) Catch a SBS Transit bus number 170 in front of Kranji MRT station

    6) Get down in Woodlands checkpoint (no picture - not allowed to snap photos in checkpoint)
    7) After get your passport stamped, head to the bus stop. Follow the lanes with sign "160" or "170"

    8) Hop into SBS Transit number 160 or 170 (both take you to Johor checkpoint)
    9) After pass Johor Checkpoint, wait bus number 170 - only 170 with red sign or the green plate written "JB LARKIN) - for those who donno what is Larkin, Larkin is like Puduraya in KL, a bus station where u can get express buses to your destination

    10) get down in Larkin Station (From Kranji to Larkin = $0.95)

    For step 1 to step 10, it takes about 2 hours
    11) After that, I will catch this Transnational Bus from JB - KL (5 hours journey) - RM24.00

    so, total? $1.65 + $0.95 + RM24.00
    Total in RM is ($2.50 x 2.3) + RM24.00 = RM29.75
    Total time = approximately 8 hours

    ps: - Sometimes it takes more time to reach Larkin due to trafic jam
    - I normally buy my ticket one week in advance

    Since I come back in weekly basis, i have to choose the cheapest option, rite? I save RM30 per trip. And that's why i choose Option 2.

    Thursday, May 8, 2008


    Today Ming Er accompanied me to Vivo City to get this Ronald Donald's shoe for Mok. Tomorrow is our 6th Anniversary. I cannot afford to get him Omega watch that he wanted, but I still afford to get him this CROCS. Hehehe... Dear ar, pray harder, if i strike 4d number, I get you Omega watch, ok?
    The great Singapore sale will only start from 23 May. I want to buy so many things.

    My wish list:-
    • few pairs of pump
    • digital camera
    • handbags
    • some nice dresses
    I wish I know how to print notes. I am learning hard to become a shopaholic.

    Clarke Quay

    Yesterday my team lead treated me for dinner at Clarke Quay. Nice place, nice food too. Anyway, he is flying off to India on 15th May, 2008. I think i m gonna to miss him. No him, no me. He thought me a lot of things when he was with Random. Thanks Kamath! You are the "bestest" boss i have ever had in my life.


    Haha, two weeks after his proposal, he bought me this chain. Although I feel very happy. But then, dear ar, too much d, can u please temporary stop buying me things. I surrender!
    Anyway, thanks ya...

    200 roses ...

    One week after his proposal. Mok surprised me with 200 roses! That night, i was waiting for him in my car in front of his house. After he reached home, he came to me and ask me to close my eyes, while he transfered all the 200 roses into my car. Wow, lots of them, very colorful, orange, pink, red, purple, white......
    Thanks again, my dearest DEAR!

    He Proposed!

    5th April 2008
    He kept the bouquet in the car trunk. After i came out from the bank (went to make my credit card payment), he said:" Dear ar, close my car boot please, donno why suddenly opened liow". I straight away closed it without thinking. After i got back to the car, he said:" Stupid pig, wanna give u surprise, but then, u missed it". What? How should I know? He asked me to close, I mar close lor, how i know he kept the bouquet in the boot wor. Then, he took me to Souled Out cafe in Hartamas, he ordered cocktail for me. This is strange because, he does not like me to drink, but today he is behaving strangely. But, during the drinking session, he did not mention a word about marriage. After that, when we went to the car park, he said:" Nah, give u another chance to close my car boot". Then i decided to see what is inside the trunk, what is he hiding? Oh... Flowers! 6 red roses and a bear. Then while we were on our way home, he took out the rings, and said:" Marry or not?". Hahaha, not so romantic, but still i m very happy. Because he is not that kind pf romantic person.
    Thanks dear, for everything!