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    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    About my routine...

    It’s time to pay tax. I posted the cheque a day after I received my Notice of Assessment (I am a good Tax payer, huh?). I think I have to save more money this month by cutting down my shopping addiction. Argghhhh…. But, sales everywhere! And there are so many things in my wishlist.

    I am feeling really boring lately in Singapore.

    This is my routine:- (Monday to Thursday)

    8.00am – wake up, take shower, and get a bus to office

    9.30am – Reach office, start work

    1.00pm – Lunch

    7.15pm – Leave office

    8.30pm – Reach home, do laundry, take shower, and dinner

    9.30pm – online, read books/magazines, make “phone porridge”

    12.00am – ZZZzzzzz

    What about Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays???

    What I do? Of course going back to KL to meet my lovely family members and my loved one, sleep on my lovely bed, eat my mom’s home cook food (my mom can cook very well). I starve myself during weekdays and stuff myself during weekends! How to reduce my tummy in that case?

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