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    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Chinese Herbs

    My boss lent me a Chinese medicine book. A very good book that explain A-Z about Chinese Herbs. But, in order to take the correct Chinese herbs, you have to know what type of body you belongs to. HOT or COLD, YING or YANG, and the 5 elements of WOOD, FIRE, WATER, EARTH or METAL.

    My theory:
    Too much heaty food will cause pimples, sore throat and ulcers.
    Too much cooling food will cause period pain.

    My questions:
    How do I determine my body type?
    Is better to take more heaty food or cooling food?
    How do I maintain a "Neutral" body type?
    I always feel cold, does it mean that I have a cold body?
    I always have breakouts, does it mean that my body is too heaty?

    Share you thoughts here by leaving comments for this post...

    Ps: I am a bit health conscious lately... Hope u guys dont mind.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    My Train Journey

    Have been traveling on weekly basis for almost 3 years. It's really tiring. I think it is about time for me to take some rest. I am tired on traveling, I am tired of the "mm seh dak" feelings whenever I say goodbye to my family members and my dear. Cant afford to be apart with them anymore. Tired of facing 4 walls alone in my rented room after work, with no internet connection. Hate the feelings of eating alone, and that's the main reason why I skip breakfasts and dinners.
    Buying coach and train tickets in advance is another headache for me. I have to keep track on long weekends, or school holidays and make sure that I buy the tickets 2 months in advance! This year is considered 'not so tiring' for me because I changed job, and I take the straight bus from SG to KL. 2 years before that, due to my "kiamsiap-ness", I go all the way to JB to get my express bus to KL because I can pay in Ringgit which is much much more CHEAPER! If I take a straight bus from SG to KL it will cost me $33 (around RM80), but if I take a bus from JB, it costs me about RM30 only!!! Can u see the different? RM50 different!!! I can save up to RM200 a month!!! But it takes 2 hours for me to reach Larkin (JB's bus terminal) from Singapore. I really salute myself, I cant believe I actually spending so much time on the bus and I am doing it every week!
    For the past 10 months. Instead of taking a bus from KL - SG on every Sunday afternoon, I take night train now. Although it takes longer hours to reach (11 hours) compare to bus journey which is only 6 hours, I don't mind because I can sleep in the train as long as the berth is not near to the coach exit. But still have to be alert while sleeping, I got to make sure that I don't sleep like a pig because I have to take care of my belongings and my passport.
    Ever since the H1N1 virus is spread in Malaysia, I have to be extra careful. Got to make sure I wear a mask when I am in the train. I don't care if people call me "kiasi". Better to be safe than sorry.

    Jeng Jeng! This is me with the mask in the train... Do I look scary? lol

    Long train journey, newspapers (Wan Pao) is always my travel companion.

    Monday, August 17, 2009

    My Sunday morning...

    Had brunch with my dear in a restaurant called Macau Street.
    Half-boiled eggs - A must for a body builder?
    hehehe... He is not a body builder, but he is trying to gain some muscles...
    Half-boiled eggs added into his diet lately...

    Look at my fat arm... And my 'bread' face... T___T
    I told you I gained weight right? But look what I ordered? - Spaghetti Carbonara
    How to lose weight if I keep on eating fattening food?

    p/s: I hope it is just angle that made me look fat...

    Josephine, you need to work harder! No more fattening food pls...

    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    I gained weight!

    Oh no! I gained weight!
    Healthier lifestyles - No coffee, have proper meals (I started taking breakfasts and dinners), and I have stopped taking icy drinks. Didn't know that I actually gained weight by practicing a healthier lifestyle! Should I stop? Should I?

    Dear was saying the other day, "I am such a good example for others cos I have lost so much weight, but look at you! Look at your stomach! Aiyoh... How am I supposed to take you out and tell others that you are my spouse?"
    I was so sad after I hear all these words... Why it takes only 2-3 weeks to gain weight, but it takes forever to lose weight?
    Click here if you want to see my dear's before and after "gamfei" picture.

    What should I do now?
    Should I start taking coffee again?
    Should I skipped my breakfasts and dinners again?
    Wanted to go for sauna last Saturday in my Condo, but saw a "under treatment" memo in the sauna room... I think I need to start exercise! 30 minutes a day! I need to go to the gym and workout! I hope I won't see "close for maintenance" memo in the gym room. Otherwise I am going to complain! Paid maintenance fee monthly, but these cannot be used and that one out of order! What is all these?

    I must control my food intake.... must eat lesser from today onwards...
    I cant afford to gain more weight!

    Oh ya... I need to 'replenish' my skin care products...
    Should I top up what I am currently using? - Clinique 3 steps
    Or should I change to Biotherm or maybe SKII?
    My mama is using SKII, I feel like using it too.

    So, what is your opinion?

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Long weekend - SG National day

    Singapore National Day - my long weekend in KL.

    Stuck it both Singapore and Malaysia customs on Friday night - Nearly 1 hour.
    Then stuck in traffic jam before Simpang Renggem all the way to Machap - 2 hours and 30 minutes! Reached KL around 3.30am only!!! What a long journey for me T___T Then went to mamak to have Dosai for my dinner...

    Saturday - Took mom out for breakfast, then went back home surfed net the whole afternoon. Evening - meet friends for dinner at Center Point followed by a drink in TTDI plaza. Did not enjoy the food at Pizza Uno as I was having a big ulcer and it was so painful. Oh ya, Mok joined us at TTDI plaza that night. Felt happy because this is the first time he joined my friends after years of being together. I ordered Orange juice which was more expensive than beer... T___T

    Sunday - Had lunch at One-Noodles Chinese restaurant with Mok. After lunch, we walked in to a pharmacy, I got myself OralAid and Mok bought a Omron blood pressure monitor for his father. Then we went to Coffee Bean, Mok ordered Cappuccino and I had Natural New Zealand frozen yogurt for dessert - I have stopped coffee... After Mok had gone to work, I spent time with my family. Had dinner at home, and surfed net the whole night. Met Mok again at night after he finished work. We went to Puchong to visit his friends.

    Monday - Woke up at 11.15am. Took mom out for breakfast. Went to the Bank and Honda to settle some issues... Had crabs for dinner, yummy! After that my papa sent me to KL Sentral to catch my train.

    And that's the end of my long weekend...
    Sorry guys... I donno what to blog about, and I decided not to upload food photos for some time because this is not a food blog, I am supposed to blog about my daily life...

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Tian Xiang Hui Wei Steamboat - Pudu

    Sorry guys... Another food post...

    Celebrated my papa's birthday last week.
    Went to this "Tain Siang Hei Wei" - I donno how they pin yin, maybe they follow Taiwan's dialect pronunciation.
    It was the most expensive steamboat that I have tried...
    RM500 for 7 adults and 3 kids... Heartache till now... T___T

    This is the coupon that I bought...
    Paid RM500 but get RM750 worth of coupon in return - we have already used RM500 voucher that night.

    This is the soup base - herbal soup. The soup itself already cost us RM38. But I think they did not put MSG because I drank quite a lot but I did not feel thirsty after that. One good thing about the steamboat is, the soup is nice, and you do not need any dipping sauce...

    RM500 for steamboat is a bit too expensive... T__T
    No prawns no crabs...
    Only, some fish balls, sliced meat, tofu, yam, corn (one corn costs us RM7!!!), meat balls and some noodles... They claimed this as 养生(healthy) ...

    Since I still have some coupons left, will go there again - probably for the last time...

    Note: 10% of service charge and drinks need to pay by cash... The vouchers only can be used for food...