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    Friday, November 28, 2008

    Kreativ Blogger Award

    Thank you Family First for passing this Kreativ Blogger Award (actually it is a fun tag) to me.

    7 Things I Say More Often:
    1. Hello!
    2. Dear ar
    3. bye bye (very happy to say this, saying bye bye means can go home d)
    4. really?
    5. OK
    6. Sorry
    7. No Problem

    7 Things I Did Before:
    1. Wake up at 9.15a.m when I was working in Malaysia.
    2. Drive to work.
    3. Meet my boy boy everyday
    4. Home cook food at least on weekdays
    5. Finish work at 5pm sharp
    6. Wear "properly" (formal)
    7. Was a pampered child

    7 Things I Do Now:
    1. Wake up at 7.45a.m daily.
    2. Walk a lot, got to take bus to work.
    3. Meet my boy boy twice a week, from next month onwards, will be seeing him twice a month only :(
    4. Skipping lunch and dinner on weekdays
    5. Don't even thing about leaving office before 7pm
    6. Slippers, short pants and T-shirts to work
    7. Do my own laundry, taking care of myself, more independent now as I am staying alone
    7 Things I Want to do:
    1. Buy a house
    2. Get a new car
    3. Plan for my wedding
    4. Vacations
    5. go for a massage
    6. Save more money!
    7. Gam Fei

    7 Things That Attract Me About the Opposite Sex:
    1. Tall
    2. Not too handsome, so that I don't have to worry, wuakaka
    3. FAT (but my dear lost weight! from 123kg, now 63kg!!!), now I have to worry
    4. Hardworking
    5. Caring
    6. Obedience
    7. smell good? :P

    7 Favourite Foods:
    1. Bak Kut Teh
    2. Asam Laksa
    3. Tomyam
    4. Steamboat
    5. Sushi
    6. Singapore Laksa
    7. Tau Fu Fah
    Josephine passes this Award to:-

    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    WU LU Gourd

    I love Wulu. I am quiet superstitious.
    Wulu, a.k.a wulou in Cantonese, which I believe is a symbol of the Buddha. This symbol is thought to bring Financial Help, Compassion and Joy to those it surrounds. Wulu attracts good 'qi' and against the bad ones.

    I also have a mini Wulu as my lucky charm. Thinking of getting a WULU shape pendant. :P

    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    Working from home ...

    Yes. I am still in KL. Working from home. Feeling very happy, can work from home, can see my "boy boy" daily, can eat my mom's cooking, and going for Bak Kut Teh tonight!

    Mom also feeling very happy that I am staying for few more days. She prepares a lot of food for me, double boiled soup for me, keep on feeding me food. Thanks ma!

    I got a feeling that, I might get a chance to stay in KL till the end of this week. It sound like a good news. But, my six sense tells me that I might not get a chance to come back next month, not even every fortnight needless to say weekly. Christmas is around the corner, getting the bus or train ticket is another problem for me.

    Although I am working from KL, never get any chance to go shopping. Start work at 9.00am, finish around 9.oopm too. Tonight got to go to Puduraya, need to get my CNY bus ticket before it is sold out. Got to know from Chloe that, the bus ticket price is double for Chinese new year!!! Aikss...

    Saturday, November 22, 2008

    East Coast Park - SG

    Chloe, Iris and I went to East Coast Park few weeks ago. It was raining season. We were so lucky that it was not raining when we visited the place.
    East Coast Park is the largest park in Singapore. It is build on a reclaimed land with 'imported' sand, and coconut trees. It has a cycling track runs along the perimeter of the park, which measures at least 20 km long. Bicycles rental rate - $5 for two hours, and get a bottle of mirenal water for free.
    We cycled for two hours, it was so tiring. But, the bicycle that I got that day was a slighty 'better' one compare to the one I got in Pulau Ubin.
    The park is a popular place for families and friends to relax and enjoy themselves.

    Some photos here......

    Need sun protection? Use this...

    Nice view huh?

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Bye Bye - The Koi

    Whenever I spend my weekend (Sunday) in Singapore, I normally go to my boss's house. He is a really nice guy, and he cooks very well. But, don't expect 'authentic' Chinese food from him, because he can only cook Indian Chinese food.
    Why? What is Indian Chinese Food?
    The story is like this. I was having a very bad cough few weeks ago. He cooked "look mei" soup for me. "Look mei" soup can be either salty and sweet right? But, he cooked the "look mei" soup with pork, curry leave, and rock sugar... So, it was like sweet and salty "look mei" soup with curry leaves... lol

    Went to his house again last Sunday. Found out that the water of the fish pond was very dirty, so I suggested him to clean the fish pond. So, he turned on the drain pump and we went to the kitchen and prepare our dinner. We forgot about the draining thing! When we realized, the pond has only 10% water left. He quickly turn on the tap to refill the water. But the big Koi already became very 'lazy', it was moving very slowly. And it died yesterday morning!

    Bye Bye the Koi fish...

    Hmm, maybe will ask my boss to buy fish spa fishes, since he has a pond. Then I can come for often for fish spa. lol

    Caribbean @ Keppel Bay

    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Dim Sum @ Sri Petaling

    Tried Sri Petaling's Dim Sum for the very first time with my family members during my Raya holiday few weeks ago. The 'Gai wo pao' is their signature. When we reached Sri Petaling, we saw a few Dim Sum shops with the 'Gai Wo Pao' banner. All of them seem like claiming themselves as the 'Original' one. We are not sure whether we ate in the 'authentic' shop or not, lol.

    Wong Kam Pao (Golden pao)

    Golden Pao is stuffed with BBQ pork ...

    gai wo pao

    The 'gai wo pao' is actually pao with 'loh mai gai' stuffing

    Friday, November 14, 2008

    My first KL-SG train experience...

    I took train from KL to SG last Sunday for the very first time after 2 years of traveling by weekly basis. The train journey is 2x more than bus journey, but I dont mind because I can sleep during the journey. I bought the berth type. I did not sleep well because the train stopped almost in every state, and also I heard people snoring! But I believe I will get use to it soon, I think I will continue travel by train because it saves my time. I can sleep in the train, by the time I wake up I am already in Singapore and can head to the office straight away. Although it is very tiring!

    Waiting for departure in KL Sentral

    On the way to my coach...

    Jeng Jeng! me and my PINK toes @ the berth...

    I was at the upper deck of the berth. This is how it looks in the train.

    View from the mini window

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Raining season...

    Raining again...
    It rains everyday in Singapore this few days.
    It rains in the morning, it rains at night too.


    Guess what? Today I wore slippers and short pants to work. My jeans and sports shoes got wet on Monday. Monday was a very tiring day for me. I took train from KL on Sunday night, and reached Singapore at 8.15am on Monday, it was a 11 hours journey. Did not sleep well in the train and it was raining when I reached Singapore! I had no choice but to head to the office although it was raining.

    Feel like having a bowl of hot soup, or a cup of hot tea which will make me feel warmer.
    Ma, I miss you, and your cooking. I want to go home! But I am going back to KL next weekend only.

    8 more days to go......

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    My New Office ...

    Joined this new company a month ago. Hmm, not too far from my house. 15 minutes bus ride. But, in order to get a straight bus from my house, I need to walk 15 minutes to the bus stop. Never mind, in my dictionary, walk more == slimmer. lol

    OK, after the 15 minutes walking time, and the 15 minutes riding time. It is time for a 78steps climbing time... I need to climb this stairs every morning!!!

    My office building...

    Another view... My colleagues saw snake near the grass. I saw chamillion this morning! Scary!

    The main entrance

    In my office

    Remember my old office? I used to have a Pink pantry rite? Now, instead of Pink Pantry, i have a PURPLE office...


    Sunday, November 9, 2008

    Clinique ...

    Clinique 3-steps skin care

    Got this Clinique 3- Steps skin care from my mom.
    Thanks ma!

    My skin is in a horrible condition now since I have just changed a new working environment. Pimples started popping out near my jaw line, this happen when i am stressful. Pimples are OK, but i hate the dark spots that leave behind. Sometimes they take months to be faded away! I am a big fan of Clinique, with the clarifying lotion, my dark spots will be faded faster. I have tried tons of other facial products, only this moisturizing gel that suit my super oily skin. I also love their cleanser, with only a small amount, my skin feel 'fresh' after using it.
    Need to be 'hardworking' now since I am getting older. Need to really take care of my skin before it becomes worst! I am a lazy gal, with Clinique 3-steps, all i need is 3 minutes in the morning, and another 3 minutes in the evening.

    'There are no ugly women, only lazy ones'......

    Friday, November 7, 2008

    Balik Kampung...

    Yeah! Yeah!

    Josephine is going back to her lovely hometown tonight! Catching a 8pm bus from SG. Will reach KL around 2am (aiyak, next day d).
    Josephine wants to eat nice food. Bak Kut Teh, Asam Laksa, Tau Fu Fah...

    OkOk, get back to work now. Need to finish my work before I balik kampung.

    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Haw Par Villa - Part II

    Ngo "YAN" !!!

    Don't be surprise if you see Tiger Balm everywhere. This is Tiger Balm Garden ma...

    Tiger balm everywhere I can accept, since this Villa is owned by the Tiger Balm family. But hor, how come can see this???

    Can u spot me??

    Is this Chinese Titanic or what?

    Wah wah wah... mermaids leh......

    Wanna see Malaysia version of Mermaids? Scroll down...

    Deng Deng Deng Deng!!!


    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Haw Par Villa

    Visited Haw Par Villa with Chloe. Chloe is my 'jalan-jalan' mate in Singapore. Whenever I spend my weekend here in Singapore, for sure I will go out with her.
    Visited Haw Par Villa in 1991, hmmm, 17 years ago. I remember there was a Dragon tunnel, there are boats where you can ride to visit the hell. But, there are all not there anymore. It was another hot and sunny day. Can't really open my eyes while taking photos.
    Haw Par Villa aka Tiger Balm Gardens. It has a colorful collection of statues and lots of tableaux centered around Chinese folklore, legends, history, and Confucian ideology. Nice place!

    Haw Par Villa entrance...

    The Ten courts of HELL...

    Make a wish...


    Don't do bad things, if not....... heheheh

    "meng po" soup

    More photos in the next post.....

    Monday, November 3, 2008

    Azhar's Birthday

    It was Azhar Birthday on 23th Oct. His wife Fina secretly arranged a birthday party for him. We have to 'pretend' like we forgot his birthday in the office and gave him a surprise in his house around 8pm.
    It was also my first time seeing Cupcake as Birthday Cake. The best joke was: One of them asked "where is the birthday cake?" after Azhar blow off the candle.

    Happy Belated Birthday, boss...

    Pies from Delifrance...

    Fruit pies.... Yummy....

    Food served that night...

    The Birthday Cupcake... My lips and tongue turned 'black' after eating the cup cake.