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    Friday, November 28, 2008

    Kreativ Blogger Award

    Thank you Family First for passing this Kreativ Blogger Award (actually it is a fun tag) to me.

    7 Things I Say More Often:
    1. Hello!
    2. Dear ar
    3. bye bye (very happy to say this, saying bye bye means can go home d)
    4. really?
    5. OK
    6. Sorry
    7. No Problem

    7 Things I Did Before:
    1. Wake up at 9.15a.m when I was working in Malaysia.
    2. Drive to work.
    3. Meet my boy boy everyday
    4. Home cook food at least on weekdays
    5. Finish work at 5pm sharp
    6. Wear "properly" (formal)
    7. Was a pampered child

    7 Things I Do Now:
    1. Wake up at 7.45a.m daily.
    2. Walk a lot, got to take bus to work.
    3. Meet my boy boy twice a week, from next month onwards, will be seeing him twice a month only :(
    4. Skipping lunch and dinner on weekdays
    5. Don't even thing about leaving office before 7pm
    6. Slippers, short pants and T-shirts to work
    7. Do my own laundry, taking care of myself, more independent now as I am staying alone
    7 Things I Want to do:
    1. Buy a house
    2. Get a new car
    3. Plan for my wedding
    4. Vacations
    5. go for a massage
    6. Save more money!
    7. Gam Fei

    7 Things That Attract Me About the Opposite Sex:
    1. Tall
    2. Not too handsome, so that I don't have to worry, wuakaka
    3. FAT (but my dear lost weight! from 123kg, now 63kg!!!), now I have to worry
    4. Hardworking
    5. Caring
    6. Obedience
    7. smell good? :P

    7 Favourite Foods:
    1. Bak Kut Teh
    2. Asam Laksa
    3. Tomyam
    4. Steamboat
    5. Sushi
    6. Singapore Laksa
    7. Tau Fu Fah
    Josephine passes this Award to:-


    Pete said...

    Ha Ha, Thks for the tag and award. Will work on it soon!

    Anonymous said...

    Hey your blog is nicely written...

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    Great Blogger
    Techno Thirst said...

    you tag celine...celine tag me.. lolz...

    FAMILY FIRST said...

    Ooi! Skip lunch & dinner! Be careful with your health ah!

    twins mama said...

    hey thanks for d award my best buddy!!

    Cherish Tulips said...

    Hi...just saw you tag me...ok,i guess this is homework for me this weekend..hahaha..

    Doreen said...

    My first tag of the year! haha. Thanks I will hand in my homework soon.