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    Monday, December 28, 2009

    Winter Solstice Festival

    Hi there...
    I had a great Winter Solstice Festival this year.
    Went back to my parents place to have reunion lunch, and reunion dinner at our own place at night. Also did groceries shopping at One U after lunch.

    After that, met his best friend for a drink... can spot him ar?

    Rushed home to have reunion dinner. After dinner, we headed straight to Jaya One to watch Xiang Sheng (crosstalk). Took some videos during the show.

    Do u know the indian guy? Famous Hokkien singer in Malaysia, Mohan. He claimed that he is one of the top ten singer in Malaysia...

    Sorry... I know this is a very short post...
    But I am too lazy to blog...
    In fact, I am tired...

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    On MC...

    I am on MC today. At last I have time to blog!
    No more "siew lai lai" life as I started working T_T. Have to wake up at 6.30am on my working days. Gosh, it has been years I never wake up that early, when was the last time? I guess it was during my secondary school time. But, okloh... Everything is back to normal now! Wake up early, sleep early, drive to work. Practising a healthy lifestyle.

    What's new lately?
    Got a new dog.
    The black one is my dog - "baby"
    The other one is my new dog - "fei zai" (fatty) - Super "big eat" (which means big eater just in case u donno)

    Must "watch" them all the time, make sure they don xxx.
    Two dogs is more than enough for me, I cant afford to have more!
    Ooi! two of u, doing what? Stop that! Baby, go back to your cage now....

    kays... that's all for today.