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    Thursday, May 8, 2008

    He Proposed!

    5th April 2008
    He kept the bouquet in the car trunk. After i came out from the bank (went to make my credit card payment), he said:" Dear ar, close my car boot please, donno why suddenly opened liow". I straight away closed it without thinking. After i got back to the car, he said:" Stupid pig, wanna give u surprise, but then, u missed it". What? How should I know? He asked me to close, I mar close lor, how i know he kept the bouquet in the boot wor. Then, he took me to Souled Out cafe in Hartamas, he ordered cocktail for me. This is strange because, he does not like me to drink, but today he is behaving strangely. But, during the drinking session, he did not mention a word about marriage. After that, when we went to the car park, he said:" Nah, give u another chance to close my car boot". Then i decided to see what is inside the trunk, what is he hiding? Oh... Flowers! 6 red roses and a bear. Then while we were on our way home, he took out the rings, and said:" Marry or not?". Hahaha, not so romantic, but still i m very happy. Because he is not that kind pf romantic person.
    Thanks dear, for everything!

    1 comment:

    liteng said...

    wei, dun complain lah.. this is not romantic then call wat?! i so envy u lar..