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    Saturday, May 24, 2008

    First day of my leave...

    Saturday, shopping day! Yeah!
    Li Teng & I went to Mid Valley on Saturday morning. At first we plan to buy some shirts and shoes. But ended up spending most of the time before lunch on Baby's stuff (Li Teng is a mother of twins), so "hang fook" hor?
    Had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market, the food is quite nice, and the portion is quite big. We were really full.
    After lunch, we continued with our main purpose (shop for our own shoes and shirts). When i was trying on my shoes, i heard someone call my name. It was Karina! Karina and I used to study together last time. After graduated, she has gone back to her hometown (Indonesia) to help her family. The reason she is in Malaysia now is to attend a friend's wedding. The world is so small! Never thought of seeing her there.
    After Li Teng and I got what we wanted, we decided to go home, as she needs to pick up her babies. Arghh... not enough! We want to shop more! Never mind, we have another week!


    liteng said...

    wat to do.. avtime i pass thru baby shop sure i wan to go in... end up not enought time to shop for my own stuff :p

    Josephine said...

    I understand. Don't worry. I enjoy doing that with u. :)

    vicky said...

    the food look nice to eat,
    i oso want,