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    Tuesday, June 3, 2008


    Ya, it was my ROM day (30th May 2008) @ Thean Hou Temple.
    Thank you Ai Tsuey and Li Teng! Thanks everyone for all the wishes!
    Mok keeps saying that his hair looked like "Ah Beng". Lots of my friends said he is now so thin, but he is still complaining that he is fat! I think sooner or later I will look "bigger" than him, do you agree?
    How about me? Do I look fat? My face looked really fat right? I think I must start using face lifting products.
    I am back to work today after 9 days OFF. Ganpahteh! Cath and Li Teng, all the best for the new beginning! Let's work harder!


    liteng said...

    u're most welcome my dear fren :)
    hey, u r not fat ok... n ur darling also very thin la.. he looked exactly 2 diff ppl b4 & after. hehe i can't recognise him lo.
    again, congratulations ya!!

    Josephine said...

    Thanks! You should have told him that he is not fat on that day.

    vicky said...

    ur dear is very very thin jor,
    not fei zai anymore,