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    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    A day at home ...

    Nothing beat a slice of cake with a cup of tea for tea time. Yummy! My sis Lily is a good baker. She bakes good cakes (I know how to bake too, but I am too busy lately, just got no time to do so). She baked Mocha butter cake today. Mmmmm, although I was in my room, but I can smell the aroma of the cake from the oven.

    Yes, I work from home today. Thank god I was able to connect to the internet today. Otherwise, I got to go to my dear's house again.

    Mom cooked a lot of dishes today since everyone is at home (me back from Singapore, and my sis Kyanne is having her semester break). Got fried La-La, Steamed promfet, Stir-fried Sai Yong Choy, Fried Kuih Lobak, and Chinese Wine Chicken. Thanks ma.

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