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    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    Lunch @ Annalakshmi

    Annalakshmi @ Chinatown Point

    The main Entrance

    With my colleagues

    One of the paintings in the restaurant

    According to my colleague, ANNALAKSHMI means FOODS from GOD. They are rated as one of the best vegetarian Indian restaurant in Singapore. The best part is, you pay according to how much you feel the food worth.
    I normally order North Thali, it comes with Nasi Bryani, Rasem, Raiti, Chappati, and some vegetables with curry. Taste Ichiban!
    They serve buffet every Friday. Please make reservations in advance if you are going in a group.
    I am feeling very full now. And sleepy too......


    Edward said...

    interesting place. A place to eat without a price tag. If it opens a branch in Malaysia, i think it will bankrupt very fast. :P Most Malaysians will pay very low or don't bother about it.

    So take me there next time yah.

    Josephine said...

    There is one in Malaysia. In Mid Valley. Let's go and try it out one day.