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    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    Fuel Price Hike ...

    Fuel Price Hike
    Rice Price Hike
    Electricity Price Rise
    Everything rising...
    But, salary not increasing!

    I think I can only go back Malaysia every fortnight instead of weekly basis if the bus fare increases.
    Some of my friends said:" You are not affected what, you in Singapore, drive only once a week".
    Hey my dear friends, for those who do not know, I am still paying for the petrol and maintenance for my car although I am not the one who is using it. So, conclusion? It affected me too.
    I think my next car will be a smaller car (smaller cc car like:VIVA, Kancil, Kelisa, ATOZ?).
    arghh... No more better car for me! Can afford to buy car, cannot afford to fill up petrol.
    SAD ...


    liteng said...

    oh if u come back every forthnight sure ur dear very miss u lo.. but he can save some money for buying u weekly gift! LOL

    Josephine said...

    Yes. Getting his weekly gift is nice, but i think i will be happier if i get a "bigger" gift monthly or annually from him.

    vicky said...

    waiting 4 ur new car,