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    Saturday, June 7, 2008

    Boring Saturday...

    Trying to finish my book The Learning Curve by Melissa Nathan ( I have been reading it ON and OFF) as today is public holiday (Agong's Birthday). The acknowledgments of this book is really touching. This is the last book she wrote before she died. Melissa Nathan discovered she had breast cancer whilst writing her first novel, The Nanny which hit the Sunday Times TOP TEN in the spring of 2003. The Learning Curve is her fifth novel written in February 2006. Sadly she died two months later, aged 37.

    Wanna share something with you all. Look at the pictures above. The second and third pictures, do you know what is that? It's Koh Samui Airport. I visited Koh Samui last year, took these pictures because I have never seen such a SPECIAL airport before. It was built in the style of huts. While waiting for boarding, they serve complimentary food and drinks too. And the interior designs of the toilets are AMAZING! COOL!

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