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    Monday, May 12, 2008

    My healthy dinner

    Dang dang! This is my dinner. Ya, you are right, main dish - cabbage, side dish - green peas, and dessert - apple. Normally I have only the main dish, today considered "special" (because i want to clear all the "old" veggies that has been stored in the fridge almost for 1 week. Besides cabbage, sometimes I have bean curd, bean sprout, cauliflowers, or broccoli for the main dish, and an apple for dessert. An apple a day, keep doctors away! Healthy diet, huh?


    liteng said...

    wei... u're so slim already.. y still on diet! dun make urself look like zombie ok :p

    Josephine said...

    Got reason wan:-
    1) save money
    2) Keeping fit
    3) Boy friend said i m fat!
    4) Healthy
    5) I love veggies...