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    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    SG - KL

    A few of my friends asked me, why do i torture myself by going all the way to JB from Singapore to get the same Express bus to KL (Transnational)?
    Reason? Of course cheaper. Let me do the calculations here:-

    Option 1 (Get a Express Bus from Singapore to KL and i m referring to the cheapest fare that i can get in Singapore)
    1) From my working place take MRT to LAVENDER = around SG$1.10 (15-20 minutes)
    2) Walk from Lavender station to Lavender street = free (15 minutes walk)
    3) Transnational Express bus ticket from Singapore to KL = SG$25.00 (6 hours if no traffic jam)
    - Get down in Woodlands checkpoint
    - After get your passport stamped, hop into the same bus
    - Get down at Johor Checkpoint
    - After pass Johor Checkpoint, hop into the same bus again

    so, total? $1.10 + $25.00 = $26.10 only
    But, after convert means $26.10 x 2.30 = $60.03
    Total time = approximately 7 hours

    ps: Normally fridays evenings, after 5pm, Woodlands Checkpoint will be very crowded.

    Option 2 (Go all the way to Larkin Johor to get the same Transnational bus) - refer to the pictures

    1) From China Town MRT
    2) Change to East West Line in Outram Park Interchange

    3) Change to North South Line in Jurong East Interchange

    4) Get down at Kranji MRT (from ChinaTown to Kranji = $1.65)

    5) Catch a SBS Transit bus number 170 in front of Kranji MRT station

    6) Get down in Woodlands checkpoint (no picture - not allowed to snap photos in checkpoint)
    7) After get your passport stamped, head to the bus stop. Follow the lanes with sign "160" or "170"

    8) Hop into SBS Transit number 160 or 170 (both take you to Johor checkpoint)
    9) After pass Johor Checkpoint, wait bus number 170 - only 170 with red sign or the green plate written "JB LARKIN) - for those who donno what is Larkin, Larkin is like Puduraya in KL, a bus station where u can get express buses to your destination

    10) get down in Larkin Station (From Kranji to Larkin = $0.95)

    For step 1 to step 10, it takes about 2 hours
    11) After that, I will catch this Transnational Bus from JB - KL (5 hours journey) - RM24.00

    so, total? $1.65 + $0.95 + RM24.00
    Total in RM is ($2.50 x 2.3) + RM24.00 = RM29.75
    Total time = approximately 8 hours

    ps: - Sometimes it takes more time to reach Larkin due to trafic jam
    - I normally buy my ticket one week in advance

    Since I come back in weekly basis, i have to choose the cheapest option, rite? I save RM30 per trip. And that's why i choose Option 2.


    liteng said...

    so detailed u wrote... hey, if i duno u, i thought u r accountants! so pandai kira!!

    Josephine said...

    What to do? I earn "gai sui gam dor".