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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Famous Frog Porridge in Chinatown

    Had dinner with Chloe last week in Chinatown. We went to the best Frog Porridge place, Chang Chen restaurant.

    Shark fin soup - SG$1.00 per bowl only, I did not see any shark fin inside lor, not even those vegetarian one.

    Claypot frog with dried Chili (kong po tin kai) - SG$8.00
    Ichiban! Very very nice leh....

    Claypot fish with dried Chili (kong po yee pien) - SG$8.00
    This one also nice, but I prefer the frog one.

    White porridge - SG$0.60 per bowl


    Pete said...

    Kung Poh dishes are normally nice to eat. Maybe the sharfin fin soup have only one strand of shark fin,finely chopped. Ha Ha.

    cc said...

    For $1 I don't think there'll be any fins in there, LOL.

    Happy weekend! :D

    Josephine said...

    Kung pong very nice to eat, but not everyone can cook it that well

    Happy weekend to you too!
    I will be on holiday for 10 days...

    JASON said...

    wow, u really can eat

    Kikey Loo said...

    wow... frog!!
    i never try anything cook with frog!!
    might try if i have chance.. :)

    p/s: gonna link u up in my blog

    MisSmall said...

    Oh I love those mini sharkfin soup sold by hawker stands in HK. There's no sharkfin in them, but they're so yummy! Esp with lots of dark vinegar. Yum!

    Arrowouiz said...

    Frog porridge ?! Nice to eat or not ?

    Josephine said...

    Learned from you.

    Kikey Loo:
    Thanks! I think I shall also add a blogroll to my blog. Sure will add u in too.

    I like to 'eat vinegar' too.

    Nice. Very nice...

    JASON said...

    eleh, wui sit chew wui sit

    FAMILY FIRST said...

    Jo, posted the steamed egg cake recipe on my blog for you. Check it out. And dont forget to link me too!

    Josephine said...

    Heh lah. Ngai wui sit. Dek mang?
    Si lor, ngai yet loi yet fie hoi.

    Josephine said...

    Family first:
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Yes, Will link you.

    Calvin Soo KJ said...

    *drooling oredy*...actually, kuantan has one but instead of frog, they use "sang yi". blardy good. gonna post it tomorrow. check it out.