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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Steamboat @ Bugis

    'Ma Lat' steamboat @ Bugis

    We ordered clear herbal soup and Ma Lat soup (medium spicy).
    Upon ordering they will ask you whether you want 'small' spicy, 'medium' spicy or 'big' spicy.

    I like this clear soup. Very 'sweet' and nice.

    We ordered 'medium' spicy, as you can see, half of the Ma Lat soup is covered by Dried Cili Padi.

    Operating Hours: 11.00a.m - 5 a.m
    Price : SG$18 per head

    Drinks provided: Water chestnut drink and Lime juice (but they do sell can drinks and beer too)
    Soup base : Tomyam, Ma Lat, and Herbal clear soup

    Most of the time, you have to queue up in front of the restaurant in order to get a table, that day Chloe and I waited approximately 30 minutes. We ate from 6.30 p.m to 9.00 p.m. lol


    Calvin Soo KJ said...

    aiyo......i think the spicy soup looked like just a thick pile of oil. high cholesterol ler....

    Josephine said...

    Calvin soo:
    Once in a blue moon, ok one...

    I think I prefer tomyam than Ma Lat, next time i will order tomyam soup.

    Arrowouiz said...

    Look spicy ^^

    Josephine said...

    arrowouiz: It is spicy.

    FAMILY FIRST said...

    Me too .. tom yam lover. Every time I go singapore, I only have time for airport - ferry - airport, no time to stop by the city for anything .. sigh!

    Pete said...

    Ma Lat looks very good!

    ben said...

    wah the mahlat look so oily.. remmeber to drink tea to clear all the 'oil' in ur tummy~

    Life's Roller Coaster~

    Irene said...

    Now I have craving for steamboat! At 6.30am! lol

    I'll steer clear of the spicy soup though. From the look of it, not something my tummy can handle. :D

    Edward said...

    Yo,yeah doesnt look like medium spicy. Looks like super spicy. :P
    I like clear soup always when i eat steamboat.

    Josephine said...

    pete: I don really like ma lat, I dislike oily food. I prefer Tom Yam. Ordered Ma Lat that day because this restaurant is famous of Ma Lat.

    Ben: Ya, I know tea helps to 'cleanse' oil, but they do not serve tea. I drank Lime juice. Lime juice also helps rite? If not why they put in dish washing liquid? lol

    irene: My colleagues call me "chili padi Queen". Craving for steamboat at 6.30am? Cool! Was it raining or what? I normally crave for steamboat when it is raining.

    Edward: Let's go for steamboat one day!

    Josephine said...

    family first:
    Why airport - ferry - airport?
    Going to Indonesia thru Singapore?
    If u stay in KL, it is only 5 hours away.

    cc said...

    WOW!!! Looks real spicy!! I don't think my stomach can handle that!