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    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Pulau Ubin Part 3

    Coastal Boardwalk
    This coastal boardwalk allows you to observe the various habitats found along the shore without getting wet, but I did not spot anything there probably because we reached there during high tide.

    Mangrove Boardwalk
    This Mangrove Boardwalk takes you into the mangroves, starting from the seaward side and then looping into back mangroves.

    I dare not to walk on the grille.

    Wah... Scary...

    View from Mangroves Boardwalk


    Resting @ shelter

    Mangroves - The roots will be fully covered by water during hide tide.

    Jejawi Tower

    If you want to enjoy the view of Chek Jawa, climb up to this Jejawi Tower. But the max load is 20 person only. I felt the Tower was actually shaking, so scary!!

    Found this on top of the tower. They should have put this below the tower.

    Josephine @ Jejawi Tower

    View from Jejawi Tower

    I donno the name of this habitat - 4 leg fish?

    On the way back to Jalan Ubin, typical Singlish...


    WanWan said...

    so nice... wish can be there.. nv know SG got such nice island also..

    thanks Josephine... i always spend time with my parent with short trip.. just try to accompany them as much as i could.. hehe..

    Pete said...

    Wah, so many suitable fishing spots!

    MisSmall said...

    Okayyyyy, with my fear of heights, I don't think I'll have the guts to climb up that tower. It's scary just looking at the picture. :P

    Josephine said...

    WanWan: Maybe take your parents to SG for a short weekend trip?

    pete: I forgot that u like fishing!

    missmall: I am also scared of height. That's y I spent less than 5 minutes there. So scary!

    Calvin Soo KJ said...

    the last photo reminds me of the famous "why u so like that" song back in my school days. i think it goes something like that.....rapping "I always want a chocolate, but you go buy kit kat"

    Johnny Ong said...

    what a way to advertise, very creative haha