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    Friday, July 27, 2007


    I have been working in Singapore for more than 6 months. Conclusion? haha? Am i more "kiasu" now? Sadly, yes "gua".
    That day when i was in KL meeting up my friends, my friends said:" Wei, don't walk so fast la, this is not Singapore!". In Singapore, everyone walk fast, Singaporean are always chasing time. Some even run in MRT stations, and the escalators are faster! Shops in complexes close around 9.15pm. Basically after 11pm, hardly see people "lepaking" around.
    Why I said I became more "kiasu"?

    The facts are:-
    1) Freebies - never missed (like free newspapers, brochures....)
    2) Taxi - is a no, no for me (peak hours -extra $2, within city areas -extra $1, On call -extra $4, use highway- extra $$, nicer taxi -luxurious one - extra $0.30, mid-night - xtra 50% ) Wah! after calculation, i can actually buy a return ticket to KL. But, the Taxi stands queues in Singapore always very long (Maybe they are all very rich!)
    3) Bus tickets - If there is any holidays in one month ahead, better buy or book your ticket fast! Basically you need to book one month in advance! Or else, you can only get ticket to JB, and from there take other public transport to Singapore.

    p/s: Taxi do not stop in bus-stop, in fact, they are not allowed to!

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