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    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Weekend @ Singapore

    Today is only Tuesday. I hope today is next Wednesday because i am missing my home, my family and Mok! I wish I am at KL now! I will be going back to KL next Wednesday for a long weekend (8th -12th) due to Singapore National Day.
    Since i am travelling back to Malaysia every week, but i don't feel 'sienz' at all. In fact, I do not know what to do in Singapore on weekends. Shopping? No..... because the Great Singapore Sales has just ended, furthermore, whenever i buy things, i will do the conversion. Go out with friends? hmmmm, have to walk a lot and spend a lot of $$$ too! Stay at home? No way! My room is extremely warm in the afternoon and i am allergic to my land lord!
    What to do on this coming weekend? OK, Friday night, will meet my college friend Robin for dinner because he is starting work in Singapore on 1st August. And I didnt meet him for a long time (last time was on his convo).
    Saturday, hmmmmm, will do window shopping with "Feed Fish" (my secondary schoolmate, knew her for more than 10 years). Saturday night, maybe go Marina Bay with my colleagues to have seafood buffet.
    But, how about Sunday? Really got nothing to do leh. Hmmmm, maybe i can call my Indonesian friend, Yaya, to accompany me to Suntec City.
    Oh ya, I have to finish the novel called "The Learning Curve", so that I can read the next book, Harry Potter, and maybe spend some time to do masks, medicure as well as pedicure!

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