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    Friday, October 3, 2008


    Wanted to visit FRIM ever since I was a kid. Although I stay quite near to FRIM, but I did not get a chance to visit it.
    Thanks to Hari Raya holiday, I got a chance to visit FRIM with my beloved family members.
    It was a tiring trip, we walked for more than 3 hours. We also climbed up to 1000 feet of Bukit FRIM just to see the Canopy Walkway.

    FRIM entrance

    First stop, near the waterfall place

    With my two sisters

    track to the waterfall

    Near the waterfall place

    On the way to Canopy Walkway

    hmmm... a bit dangerous huh?

    I can't believe that we actually walked up to 1000 feet to see this canopy walkway.


    vicky said...

    that day really very tired,
    when i climb up 2 the 1000 feet of Bukit FRIM,
    feel like wanna pengsan liao.

    Kikey Loo said...

    nice place!
    never been to yet, maybe next time when i go back Msia.

    Arrowouiz said...

    Quite a nice place ^^

    Cherish Tulips said...

    Hey, you know I wanted to take my pre-wedding photo at FRIM but it rained cats and dogs?!! paid RM 88 and didn't even get to utilize it....anyway, didn't know you can jungle trek there-must have been nice with all the green trees and fresh air!

    U.Lee said...

    Hi Jo, where is this FRIM? Hey, love your well taken pics, and must say you cetainly look very nice...hmmmm, the kind of girl one brings home show mother, *wink*, ha ha.
    You keep well, Jo and have fun, best regards, Lee.

    WanWan said...

    very nice... i havent got the chance to go there yet...

    cc said...

    Family trips are always the best! I am looking forward to mine end of this month! :D Stay tune to find out where I'll be heading! ;)

    FAMILY FIRST said...

    Nice outing. Err .. how come never get to see your boi-boi's pics ah?

    Josephine said...

    Me too. Nearly fainted.

    Kikey Loo:
    Ya. Fresh air there.

    Yes, it is.

    cherish tulips:
    Why need to pay RM88? Pay to FRIM or the Bridal shop?

    Thank you for putting nice words again!

    I think you should go next time.

    Ok, waiting to see where are you heading to.

    Family First:
    hehehe, you also use the term "boi boi" ar? hehehe. He very busy one, always got no time for me. That's why...

    Pete said...

    Heven't been hiking for ages. Out of stamina, ha ha. Maybe I will visit FRIM with my family next weekend.

    Cherish Tulips said...

    No to FRIM for using their preserved jungle as my backdrop for pre-wedding shoot...the few pic i managed to take was actually quite nice!