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    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    HortPark - Part III

    WAR Museum

    Jungle Trek

    Taking photos using old old camera.

    @ Gardening hub

    @ gardening hub


    Doreen said...

    wah~~hadn't seen that kind of camera for a long time. You're holding an antique!

    vincent2903 said...

    tats a very beautiful scenery...
    wow, antique camera... instance photograph?

    Pete said...

    Hot girl in hot pants in Hort Park on a hot day. Ha Ha, LOL.

    Calvin Soo KJ said...

    ccol pictures.

    Kikey Loo said...

    wah... the old old camera really old old ... :p

    Josephine said...

    doreen: Very very old camera. In fact, it was my first time capture photo with that type of camera.

    Vincent2903: Yes, instant

    pete: hot girl? Hot weather got lah.

    calvin: photos are cool, weather really hot

    kikey: Very old, i think older than me, wuakaka!