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    Monday, October 13, 2008

    Henderson Waves ...

    A day out with Chloe... It was a super HOT day!!! I look like a Philippino maid now with my tanned skin.

    Henderson Waves

    The Entrance

    Henderson Waves

    View from Henderson Waves

    Scary... I am scared of height...


    Pete said...

    What building is that?

    åh-†ёh² said...

    where is it ??
    i wan go also...wuwuwuwu~

    JASON said...

    so, wat do u do there?

    FAMILY FIRST said...

    Actually ah, you are based in KL or Singapore .. confuse me lah.

    Kikey Loo said...

    look like a nice place! :)

    Josephine said...

    It is actually a bridge


    Basically is to 'donate blood' to mosquitoes. And get free tan.

    family first:
    Malaysian working in Singapore. Based in Singapore. But, I think I am going back soon.

    kikey loo:
    Yea, it was

    åh-†ёh² said...

    drop a visit soon~
    felt like wanna go...keke~