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    Monday, February 9, 2009

    Cute's Blogger Award

    Got this award from Cherish Tulips. Thank you ya, muaxx!

    1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” and put it on your blog
    2. Link or tell a bit about the person who gave you the award...

    Hmmm, Cherish Tulips is the only blogger friend I have which falls into the "lain-lain" group of race. She is very pretty, a 75% Kadazan and 25% Chinese. She got married not long ago, and I like her wedding gown very much! It was simple and nice! She has silky long hair which make me jealous as well......

    3. Each one of you who receive this award must list down 10 facts / hobbies about yourself...
    1. I eat a lot! And my meal portion has to be big, I can eat more than my dear. Sound scary huh? I like bland food. Sushi, salad, steamboat are my favorites! And I like Bak Kut Teh too!
    2. I am stingy! Kiamsiap! Cheapskate! I save save and save my money. But I am very happy when I am spending someone else's money... I only buy things which I need, I do not simply buy things that I want.
      My boss asked me one day. "Why are u so stingy?" I said :" I am saving for rainy days boss". Boss replied: " Means you only spend during rainy days???" Me: "......"
    3. I am a Malaysian working in Singapore who "Balik Kampung" every week! You can ask me questions on which bus to take, which is the cheapest, from where to where, and how's the bus schedule like. I think I am very good on that. But, please do not ask me question like:" You not sienz meh? Not tired meh?"
    4. I love reading. But, I am too kiamsiap to buy magazines and books. I buy books from warehouse sales and my colleague Fina is my book supplier now, she passes books that she has read to me. My magazines supplier? hehehe, thanks to my dear, who buys me magazines on monthly basis.
    5. I am not sure about my marital status... But I think I will know it by the end of this year.
    6. I like to snap photos! But I am not good in it and I do not have a good camera.
    7. I love to go to Nature parks because it's FREE ADMISSION and I can snap photos and exercise at the same time!
    8. My ambition? You are not going to believe this. It's to be a successful housewife! A housewife who can cook well, babysit well, and of course to take care of her husband well too.
    9. I am very proud of my dear. Not because he is handsome or what. I am very very very proud of him because he lost weight. He lost not only 1-2 kg nor 5-10 kg, but he lost more than 50kg!!! He was 123kg years ago, and he is now 60-65kg only. He "gam fei" just because he wants to look good in our wedding photos! I am proud of him!
    10. Okay! The last one! I love my family members! I cannot live without them. And of course this includes my dear! Muaxx! Love you all!

    4. Pass this award to 10 bloggers and link them in your blog.
    They are:
    Family first
    Kikey Loo
    Ju Ann


    Anonymous said...

    u go back to KL every weekend? dats must be very tiring!

    Doreen said...

    Aww...thank you! That's so very sweet of you.

    Jen ® said...

    thankiew liang moi! will upload it later, gin har piang dao 5 ngan luk set =.=

    MisSmall said...

    He lost more than 50kg??!!!! Wow, now THAT is impressive! And of course, shows how much he loves you too. ^_^

    (I still can't believe that he lost 50kg!!!)

    Cherish Tulips said...

    Friend,I pass this award to Kikey already lar...
    Wah..can't imagine how "gam fer" was your bf...but he's so motivated to loose weight for the wedding photo sweet of him!
    I also want to become housewife actually but can't afford on 1 salary...
    hehehe..stingy poker you are huh?Good for you.I'm the total opposite..I can spend,spend and spend!!

    Kuntong said...

    he is my up his photo can ah? Before n after 1.
    i never thnk i can lose my weight frm 78kg(now) near to is impossible...

    Calvin Soo KJ said...

    wah, summore tag/award. congrats :)

    Anonymous said...

    OMG, have no idea how it's like to be a housewife. For first few years, it's fine. But when you started to have kids and they are in their terrible 2 or 3... you'd wish you've been slaving in office 24/7. Children can be VERY trying. LOL... Trust me on this.

    Neway... LOL...I think i have something in common with you. I'm very stingy, I think everyone around me can certify that... but give me someone else's money, I'd be more than happy to splurge. LMAO.

    Ken said...

    that's a very honest and nice revelation of yourself.