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    Saturday, August 2, 2008

    Gathering (For Cui Hui)

    Cui Hui & her fiance

    Cui Hui & me

    Cui Hui, me, Wei Tze

    With college mates

    Cui Hui, the bride-to-be and her fiance were down to KL. We gathered at Kim Gary in Mid Valley for lunch on Saturday. 'WE' refers to Me, Chin Wah, GT, Hong Seng, Wei Tze, Cui Hui and her fiance. Two more "FEI KEI YEOW" are Cath and John. Cui Hui is so "hang fook". She is busy with her wedding. They have already booked for their wedding dinner, bought wedding bands, chosen bridal shops.... It seemed like everything is ready, only wait for their wedding day (04/07/2009) to come. Anyway, Congratulations!!!

    After lunch, the guys went for Snooker, and the girls...SHOPPING!!!
    I bought 2 handbags and a pair of shoes. I wanted to buy more, but we have no time. Never mind, I will continue next week. They got to leave Mid Valley as they wanted to go to KLCC for the PC fair.

    Quite happy today. Met old friends, and did some shopping. Cui Hui and Wei Tze still look the same. GT is with long hair now!!! Chin Wah ar, I can't tell the difference as I see him quite often, for Hong Seng, errr... he has more hair now. lol


    JASON said...

    so hang fook

    Edward said...

    Wah, go gathering nv call me?
    :P Anway how was it? Help me wish Cui Hui Congratulations. :)

    Sound like so many people getting married wan. Really getting scary.

    Send my regards to them lah if you are meeting up with them again.


    Josephine said...

    Edward, sorry. I thought you are busy with your charity work. But still, I suppose to call u, rite? My fault. Sorry!

    Foo HS said...

    I am always tht much of hair... just tht i shaved off during college lar... now lazy to go barber..