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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    Iphone . The.CaffeBar . Borders .

    What men like?

    I was at Borders, reading magazines while waiting for my boss to collect his iphone. Men's interest section, those magazines caught my attention. lol

    Hot! hot! Freshly out from the 'Oven'


    Boss queued for almost one hour in order to collect this 'fresh' iphone.

    Peach + Soda

    After collecting iphone. We went to The.CaffeBar to have lunch. I have ordered my all time favorite drink, Peach Soda drink.

    Super bitter Coffee

    Boss order this super bitter coffee (donno the name of it)

    Then I ordered this Baked chicken with spaghetti

    Very nice. Very cheesy and creamy, I asked for extra Parmesan cheese too. Yummy!

    Fish n chips

    Boss ordered this Fish n chips. He said it was good too.


    Pete said...

    With the internet nowadays, I wonder anyone still buys these magazine?
    The fish and chips looks good. Is that Borders next to Tesco Mutiara.
    Will check out the food next time.

    Josephine said...

    Hey Pete. Thanks for visiting and commenting again! I am so sorry, The Borders is not the one next to Tesco Mutiara. This borders is in Parkway Parade, Singapore. I wonder Malaysia's Borders selling 'that kind' of magazine or not. Further more, I don think Malaysia Borders allow their customers to read the magazines there, do they?

    WanWan said...

    Borders do allow some mag for flipping.. but seems not those mag..

    anyway, i heard the Iphone sales got crazy as ppl queue up whole night for it.. ??

    MisSmall said...

    How thick is that coffee! I can taste the bitterness in my mouth just by looking at it. :P

    Josephine said...

    I don think they queue up whole night. In fact, like my boss's case, he ordered the phone weeks/months earlier, then he got to print out the order slip, and collect the phone according to the given time.
    But still, got to queue, lol.

    Josephine said...

    Missmall: I din taste it wor. But after my boss sipped it, he face turned color. hahahha

    JASON said...

    psstt, can get me those mag? ur meal looks nice

    cc said...

    Over here people actually queued outside the store the night before. All sold out in a jiff! Crazy!

    Josephine said...

    CC: really? But, I heard there is still some issues with this batch of iphone, it is still not stable yet. Or maybe is COOL using it as the first batch. So, ppl don mind queuing over night.

    Jason: Oi an yong meh? nyi hem yi gai moi jai hee mai lia dit MAG. Ngai mm gam loh. dui mm chu!

    Edward said...

    Iphone! Wow! I also want one. *dreams on*