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    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Streamyx! & my very first AWARD

    Streamyx is down again!
    I carried my laptop all the way from Singapore back to KL, but Streamyx is down!! What is this? Quite disappointed with Streamyx service, or was it because of the bad weather (raining season)?
    Lily, Kyanne and Vicky, please please please tell me in advance if Streamyx is down again, so that I do not have to carry my super heavy laptop with me.

    Thanks to LT for giving me this award.
    My very first award, lol.


    Pete said...

    Lousy Streamyx has always been very erratic!
    Congrats on your award!

    liteng said...

    u're most welcome :)

    hey, i was frustrated with streamyx too!!

    Albugs said...

    Living in Malaysia, you must expect EVERYTHING are always BELOW your expectation!

    BabyJeff a.k.a tigger said...

    why do u leave kl every sunday??

    then where do u go ? singapore?

    means one week how many days do u spend in kl..?

    BabyJeff a.k.a tigger said...

    why do u leave kl every sunday?

    then where u go?

    how many days in kl?

    Josephine said...

    Albus: You are so lucky that you are in Taiwan.

    Cute cute Tigger: Weekdays I work in SG, I spend weekends in Malaysia.