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    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Old SMRT bus

    Yesterday evening, as usual, I walked to the bus stop near my office to wait for my bus. The digital bus arrival time board showed that my bus will be arriving in 3 minutes. Normally it is very crowded, especially around 6-7pm, I hardly get seats. But, out of my surprise, the bus was almost empty, with only 3 passengers in the bus.
    The bus is so OLD but the air-cond was kind of strong, I felt so cold once I got into the bus. I have chosen a seat near the the Exit, and I started to observe the bus. Old bus, a really old bus. I feel scared. The driver looked scary too.

    Inside the bus

    I felt even scarier when the exit door opened for passenger to get down from the bus. The door is the sliding type. I managed to record it.
    Watch this:


    BabyJeff a.k.a tigger said...


    DAmn scary!! freakies!!


    cute post!

    i've link you to my blog! =)

    Pete said...

    The door is really old and scary!

    Albugs said...

    What's wrong with the door??????

    Josephine said...

    Scary lor...
    Especially this month.
    This is an old bus mar. Normally the door is not the sliding type one.