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    Saturday, August 9, 2008

    Why White color wan?

    Brown shell egg and white shell egg

    Both are from white shell egg (the yolks look like salted egg yolk)

    When I was young, I watched Hong Kong drama, and I found out that most of the time, the eggs that they used are white in color. Then I ask my mom:" Mama, why their egg color like that one?". Mama:"Dunno wor". And I am still curious about it.
    Last week, my auntie gave us some eggs, and they are all white in color (egg shell). After breaking the eggs, I found out that the yolk color is also different from the brown shell's egg yolk. The white shell egg yolk is 'darker Orange'. Please note that, I am showing White Shell Egg in the photos, and not SALTED egg.
    Thanks to Google. I found one LINK that actually summarize Egg Shell Color Chart by Breed of Hen. In the chart I saw Malay hen (tinted) and Indian hen (tinted or brown color), but I dont see any Chinese hen. hahaha! enjoy!


    Baby said...

    what happen to the chinese hen?

    Albugs said...

    I have only one question while I saw my mum in the kitchen...

    "Can eat already ah?"

    MaMa: "Eat, eat, eat, you only know eat".