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    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    The PINK pantry

    Office Pantry.... and it is PINK

    Coffee machine, refrigerator, microwave, instant coffee, milo, jasmine tea, english tea, Chinese tea...

    My office's pantry is PINK in color!!!

    This is the place where I prepare my breakfast, tea and dinner(sometimes).
    Breakfast means - a cup of Coffee or Mocha(Milo + brewed coffee)
    Tea time - Jasmine tea or chinese tea
    Dinner - microwave my vegetables... (stop doing it now as i m skipping dinner lately)

    Guess what in the fridge? Only milk. Boss bought the big fridge just for storing milk, cool huh?


    iamthewitch said...

    Hi there! Visiting for the first time! Your blog is pink too! And pretty! :) And I LOVE YOUR PANTRY. How come there's such thing as a pink pantry?? I am so jealous.

    Edward said...

    Looks like a ladies Pantry. Designed specially for girls. hehe

    Josephine said...

    There are more guys and gals in my office, so, it is not specially designed for gals.
    Just that my company logo, is with pink and olive green color, so the entrance and the pantry is PINK, and the rest of the office wall is in Olive Green.

    JASON said...

    aiks, ur meal all liquid. want to be san sin ah

    Josephine said...

    I got take solid food wan.
    I have proper lunch everyday!
    Weekend I eat a lot wan.

    liteng said...

    love ur pantry so much!!