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    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    Singtel Hot$100

    Another busy week. Have been working from home on Saturdays for at least 4 weeks. Long working hours. Really tiring. I started seeing characters like moving maggots on my computer screen, my eyes are too tired! I need some rest. I do not have time for shopping. Hmmm, will try to arrange a shopping session this Saturday, anyone interested? (Salary should be in by end of this week, don tell me that got no money)

    I have reloaded my mobile phone with Hot$100 again. I pay only $26 for the card, but I get $128 of value inside. Too happy! $100 for local talk time and local sms, $28 is for IDD talk time and IDD sms. I have been using this Hot$100 for quite some time (I think nearly one year). Since I am not a kind of person who always cook "phone porridge", so I have a lot of credits in my account, around $500 in Local talk time.
    It is cheap to make calls in Singapore.

    It looks like this

    The rates:
    Local call rate (day time) - $0.22 per minute (deduct from local call account) (now with free incoming calls, previously you need to pay for receiving calls)

    Local call rate (after 8p.m.) - $0.08 per minute (deduct from local call account)

    IDD call rate (day time) - $0.22 per minute (deduct from IDD account)

    IDD call rate (day time) - $0.08 per minute (deduct from IDD account)- very cheap!

    If I call my friends in Malaysia, lets say we talk for one hour, the total will be $0.08 x 60 minutes = $4.80
    After convert
    $4.80 x 2.4 = RM11.52

    RM11.52 for 60 minutes on IDD call, not expensive rite? compare to prepaid user in Malaysia where you need to pay RM0.36 per minute.
    RM0.36 x 60 minutes = RM21.60
    RM21.60 !!! for local calls only!!!

    So, next time, if you are coming to Singapore for vacation. Why not buy a prepaid card here (only $8.00). You will save a lot. International Roaming - RM4.00 per sms!!!!


    Edward said...

    Wah, so cheap ar for phone calls. But comparing to US, people who receive call and also call out will also be charged. So different.

    But SMS seems like a killing blow. RM4 is way expensive. I was thinking its only a few cents. :P

    Josephine said...

    In Singapore, same as US, receive calls and making calls also will be charged, in fact, same rate.
    But, if you receive call at night, more expensive, mean $0.22 per minute, making calls at night only $0.08 per minute.