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    Monday, July 7, 2008

    Singapore the FINE city

    This printed T-shirt drew my attention when I passed by Pagoda Street, Chinatown.

    The words are kinda small in the picture:
    No smoking - $500
    No chewing gum $1000
    No littering $1000
    No Urinating $1000
    No flower-picking $500
    No Flushing - $500
    No Bird-feeding - $1000
    No water wasting - $500
    No Spitting - $1000

    Everything fine.
    There are more:
    No parking coupon, fine.
    Jay walking, fine.
    Misuse of monthly travel pass, fine

    One more... not fine, but jail.
    About a year ago a jobless man wanted to commit suicide.
    So, he jumped down from his HDB flats.
    Unfortunately, he fell on a little girl, and broke the girl's leg.
    He wanted to die, but failed, ended up being sent to the jail, sad case...


    Edward said...

    Yeah, I heard of this story before. A man who wanted to die, but could not die. Guess GOD didn't want him to go yet, and thus saving his life. He is still around in prison if i'm not wrong.

    twins mama said...

    Sg is a FINE city.. really... and i love it very much! haha

    p/s : at least u're safe to walk alone with ur Coach even @ middle of night *wink*

    Blackdove said...

    Where's the fine for Oral Sex? I've read jokes about it. Don't know if it's true though.