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    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    Malaysia Boleh or Malaysian Boleh?

    It was raining early in the morning. It started around 7 a.m. if i am not mistaken, but i am very sure the rain started before my alarm clock beeped. What a nice weather to sleep...
    I woke up, bathed and went to work.
    During the journey to work, there was a 70++ chinese lady sitting in front of me.
    She was talking on the phone.

    These are the things that she said which caught my attention:-

    "Wa sit bus setengah!" (I am on the bus, on the way)
    "enam belad?" (sixteen?)
    "That day wa call lu, lu takda TENG." (That day I called you, but you didn't answer)

    wa - I or me in Hokkien
    lu - You in Hokkien
    setengah - Half or half way in malay
    belad - suppose to be belas but she cannot pronounce properly
    takda - don't have
    TENG - listen or answer in Cantonese

    I can understand what she said!
    Malaysian Chinese are often declared as "language genius" as we can speak and understand at least more than 3 languages.
    Malaysia Boleh or Malaysian Boleh?


    Edward said...

    I think its Malaysia Boleh! Sounds better. :P
    But, from what I see, i don't get most part of what that lady say, but thanks to your translation I'm able to get it.

    You know I think you can consider working as an interpreter. Give it a thought.

    Josephine said...

    Hahaha! You forgot I worked as translator before ar?

    Edward said...

    Oh yeah! Now i remember. :P
    Thought you might be keen to try it full time. :D

    or do it part time for extra $$$$

    JASON said...

    malaysians boleh!!!

    malaysia talak boleh