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    Friday, July 4, 2008

    My bus is coming! I got to go!

    I always say my bus is coming in 10 minutes time, i got to leave now. How do I know? Hehehe. I use This link to check when is my bus reaching the bus stop near my office. If let's say I am not in the office, no internet connection, I can still check it by sending a SMS. Now even better. They have put this Digital bus arrival time board at the bus stop. The first column from the left indicates the bus service number, second and third columns are the next bus arrival time, and the subsequent bus arrival time. The wheelchair sign indicates that the bus is a double decker, and is a wheelchair-accessible bus.


    Edward said...

    Wah, so high tech.
    Wish this is implemented here in Malaysia.
    Impressive impressive!

    Josephine said...

    Hehehe. How often you take bus? But, I wish they will implement it in Malaysia too.

    liteng said...

    aiya, m'sia always out. mayb this high tech thingy will implement in the future 5 yrs.. haha