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    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Singapore Laksa

    Craving for Singapore laksa...
    Singapore Katong laksa is different from our Penang laksa or Johor laksa. It does not taste like asam laksa or curry laksa. For those who does not know what is Singapore Laksa, maybe you can try it out in Secret Recipe.
    Found one Katong Laksa stall in the new Chinatown food court. Tried before, and thumbs up! I think I want to declare Friday as Laksa day (means will have Laksa for lunch every Firday). Cannot take too often, high cholesterol (because they use a lot of coconut milk, and also cockles, but the cockles are bigger, fresher and nicer than those i had in Malaysia). The noodles for Katong laksa are normally cut up into smaller pieces so that the entire dish can be eaten with a spoon alone (that is, without chopsticks or a fork). The ingredients are coconut milk, spices, dried shrimp and chilli, with toppings of fresh prawns, cockles, and sliced fishcake.
    Try it out!

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    JASON said...

    I tink i ate more laksa in oz than in kl/sg combined. the weather is jz not right for laksa or now is called curry mee