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    Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    Singapore Trends...

    Noticed that Singaporeans like to follow trend. If someone starts using something new, the next few weeks, you can see a lot of people using the same thing especially in the bus or MRT.

    Two years back, saw lots of students and working Adults put on their MP3 players or Ipods while taking MRT or bus. For those who do not have MP3 player or Ipod, i noticed their headphones are actually Sony Ericsson or Nokia headsets (which means they were listening songs thru their mobiles). Other than MP3 players or ipods trend, there was a CROCS trend, and now is PSP trend.

    lol, pai seh to say this, but I was also a MP3 trend follower months ago, and I am now a PSP trend follower.

    What is next? Reading E-Book on MRT?

    1 comment:

    electronicfly said...

    good ol' paper books are still the most comfortable to read for me..

    /me will not succumb to e-books if it can be helped