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    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Mok @ Singapore

    Now Firstcoach provides individual screen, but you have to bring your own headset

    Entering Singapore @ Tuas

    Firstcoach buses are now installed with individual screens. We took the 7.30am bus. The whole bus journey we were enjoying watching movies, lol. But, once we reached the checkpoint, the driver disabled the screens, maybe it was due to movies copyright issue. The bus is very spacious and comfortable. We reached Singapore around 1pm.

    But, the whole day was raining. At first we planned to go to Haw Paw Villa, but it was raining, so we cannot go.
    Reached Novena Square, had lunch in the food court and shop a bit in Velocity.
    Then we took MRT to Orhard. Walked a bit only, then yum cha in Spinelli for hours due to the rain. He played PSP and I surfed net using his mobile.
    After the rain has stopped, we walk to John Little, and i got my MASKs there for free! (Kamath gave me a $10 voucher). Then we walked to Somerset MRT, took a train to City Hall. Walked to Esplanade and Merlion Park. Took some photos and walked back to Marina square. YumCha again, but this time at Starbucks.

    Around 7.30pm, went back to my house, put down our luggages, took shower and had dinner in ABC brickworks market. Then we shopped at Anchor Point. Bought a few things that is not sold in Malaysia. Overall, quite happy and satisfied. I hope the next time Mok visit Singapore, it will not rain, and I want to take him to more places.

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    Edward said...

    Wah, i didnt know now bus got a small mini TV infront of us now.
    Last time it used to have some small tv right infront of the bus which we have to strain our eyes just to watch it.

    Not bad.