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    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    Bukit Tinggi BBQ Village

    Umbrellas as decorations?

    With my sister Lily

    Sisters (Kyanne and Vicky)

    BBQ Fish (RM30.00)

    Seafood pot (RM112.00) very expensive, in fact only 2 crabs, few prawns, some clams, some green mussels and some veggies only

    Celebrated father's birthday in Bukit Tinggi BBQ village. Dishes are nice but kinda expensive. In fact, we only order 3 dishes and the bill was RM201.00.
    BBQ fish - RM30.00
    BBQ chicken (quite small) - RM40.00
    Seafood pot - RM112.00
    8 Rice & Chinese Tea (own Tea leaves) - RM20++
    I think they added sticky rice into their Siam rice in order to make it look like fragrance rice. And they added oil into it also, yucks...
    When I asked them, they said added oil to the rice so that it is easier to be scooped out. And the rice is not fully cooked. They only provide chili padi and garlic, they do not provide any other chili sauce.
    Pa, Happy Birthday!


    Daryl Teo said...

    The seafood pot looks scrumptious. Must remind myself to check the place out soon. Tks for writes.

    liteng said...

    Bukit Tinggi in KL?? sorry la.. i very 'san bar'

    u always know how to enjoy & eat good stuff when come back here huh!