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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Story of "Ah Singh"

    1) A Singh who is a sailor
    Karpal Singh

    2) A Singh who attends a Chinese wedding party
    Yum Singh

    3) A Singh who is digging a hole
    Menggali Singh

    4) A Singh who likes to slap people
    Tau Ba Singh

    5) A Singh who is a gangster

    6) A Singh who is lost

    7) A Singh who is noisy

    8) A Singh who likes herbs

    9) A Singh who kills people

    10)A Singh with one ball
    BalwantSingh (Ball one Singh)

    11) A Singh with two balls
    BalanSingh (Balancing)

    12) A Singh with three balls

    13) A Singh who is swimming in an iced pool?
    KuldipSingh (Cold Deep Sink)

    14) A Singh who likes to drink soyabean milk

    15) A Singh who owns a ship that sank
    No lah, not Titanic Singh. He is KaramSingh

    16) A Singh who was sacked from the naional hockey team
    Relax Singh

    17) A Singh who is a lausySingh

    18) A Singh who likes roundabout

    19) A Singh who is flying around on a broom
    Sou Pah Singh

    20) A Singh who is a three-star general
    Sam Lap Singh

    21)If the Singhs were to succeed in forming their own country, what will they call their currency
    Mata Wang Ah Singh

    22) The, what do you call a Singh who likes to scold people

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